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            Baggage Handler / Ramp agent
            Baggage Handler / Ramp agent Heathrow Personnel
            Hounslow, Greater London, England
            Full time
            £24,000 - £28,000
            17 days ago
            Ground Handler
            Direct Employer
            Ground Handler Gama Aviation
            Jersey Airport, St. Peter, Jersey
            Full time
            19 days ago
            Baggage Handler - Dublin Airport
            Baggage Handler - Dublin Airport Ryanair
            Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
            7 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The basic requirements to be a baggage handler include having a college course or an apprenticeship. You are eligible to apply for the job if you have a level 2 certificate or a diploma in the aviation environment. A physical test is also conducted for the applicants to check if they are fit for the job.

            The annual income of the cargo handlers depends on the employer. The yearly earnings vary for different airports and shifts but overall, the handling staff is paid well. If you are an airport baggage handler you can enjoy the different perks like flight space and retirement plan accident insurance and more.

            In many job advertisements, you will come across the word “ramp agent” but in many places, cargo handlers is a popular word. Aviation Job Search has ground crew job listings from all over the UK!. The simple answer to the question 'What is a Baggage Handler?' is that it's an agent who works at the airport and handles the passengers' luggage. 

            If you have a relevant degree or training it would make you eligible for job applications. Candidates that have experience in the aviation environment are preferred. Effective communication and lifting techniques are also required for the role, so if you have all that, you can be employed as a ramp agent.

            It depends on your inclination for this role. Airport baggage handler jobs are gratifying for those who like moving the cargo and have a passion for working in the aviation industry. According to a study, the job satisfaction level for ramp agents is high because of the good retirement and health insurance plans.

            There are a few benefits that baggage handlers enjoy regularly. These include free flights and the opportunity to travel with their immediate family. This type of work is crucial to the smooth operation of an airline. Therefore, passengers should thank them when they fly.

            A baggage handler is someone who handles the plane’s luggage at the airport. Their job involves a lot of heavy lifting and moving. They must also be able to work in various types of weather. Handlers also usually work long hours and may have to work during the weekends and at night.

            It’s common to tip airport baggage handlers, also known as skycaps or porters. The workers meet and greet passengers at the airport, check their bags, and deliver them to the final destination. Most people appreciate the hard work they put into this service and tip them.

            People applying for baggage handler jobs must have physical stamina and be able to work in a team. A baggage handler is often responsible for lifting and moving large, heavy items. They must also be able to solve problems during the luggage handling process.

            If you love to work in an airport, you might be interested in a career as a baggage handler. However, the job can be very demanding. Handlers typically work long hours, often on weekends and during the night. This job is physically demanding and requires physical stamina.


            Baggage Handler Job Description 

            Ramp agents are required to safely handle and transport the passengers’ luggage at the airports. Baggage handlers have to use the lifting equipment efficiently to ensure the cargo is not damaged during the handling. They have to make certain that the cargo is loaded on the right plane and luggage tagged fragile is taken care of. Since the handlers are part of the ground crew, they have to drive the vehicles towards the airplanes and load/unload the bags, they need to quickly perform the tasks. Baggage handler job description can change to sometimes becoming a porter and keeping the runway clear of birds that can cause distraction during take-off and landing of flights. 

            Baggage Handler Job Responsibilities

            Apart from carrying the luggage to the required airplanes and unloading it, baggage handlers are responsible for keeping an eye on any suspicious bags and reporting it immediately to security. They have to make notes for the damaged and unclaimed bags and provide the written information to the concerned department along with protecting the cargo from harsh weather conditions. Loading the baggage items on correct carousels is also the responsibility of a ramp agent. They check if the bags are being properly moved to the check-in and other areas of the airport and inform the technical staff of any malfunctioning equipment to have it fixed quickly. 

            Skills Needed for Building a Baggage Handler Career

            Baggage handlers need to be agile and physically fit for lifting and transporting all kinds of cargo. They have to communicate with other team members and passengers clearly, so good verbal communication skills are required for this job. Ramp agents are required to have the willingness to work under pressure and stress, they have to be observant as well to learn and memorise the SOPs. The handlers must have basic mechanical skills for operating the cargo vehicles and other equipment. They need to be honest and worth relying on. Looking for Airport baggage handler jobs in the UK? Try Aviation Job Search to find a position that is relevant to your experience!

            Working Conditions of an Airport Baggage Handler

            Working conditions for an airport baggage handler are often strenuous. They need to be flexible in their work schedules and have good physical fitness since they’ll be required to work in various postures that include bending, lifting, reaching, and standing for extended periods. Baggage handlers also must be able to communicate verbally. They will need to be able to perform tasks involving a great deal of physical effort, including carrying up to 75 pounds of luggage. Airport baggage handlers usually work outdoors in all weather conditions. They may also be exposed to cleaning chemicals, fumes, and airborne particles. They may also be required to move heavy equipment and aircraft around. Hence, they must wear protective gear such as safety footwear, high-visibility clothing, and ear defenders. Airport baggage handlers work in a team environment. The team leader is responsible for training and supervising each team member’s work. Many airport baggage handlers work extended shifts; these shifts may involve working weekends and public holidays. All in all, the work environment at baggage handler jobs may be more predictable than in other types of work. 

            Career Path of a Baggage Handler

            As the number of passengers using airports increases, job openings will also increase. Landing baggage handler jobs in the future might be easy and can be very rewarding and lucrative, with opportunities for advancement. However, before you apply for a job, you should get certified and take advantage of training programs. It will help you learn about the various types of baggage handling machinery. Moreover, you can specialize in a specific area, such as freight forwarding or cargo handling, which would increase your chances of promotion. Certification will help you enhance your knowledge of the various conveyor systems used in airports since the main job of a baggage handler is to move airplanes’ luggage through airports. You must operate lifting equipment and sort the bags on a conveyor belt. Experienced employees will be responsible for training new workers in safety procedures and equipment use. In addition, you need to have a valid driving license. Airport baggage handlers can move up the ranks and become team leaders or supervisors. Some even move into other industries.