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            Airport Security Officer
            Airport Security Officer First People Solutions Limited
            Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland, United Kingdom
            Part time
            From £13,388
            12 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Aviation Security ensures the safety of the passengers, airport staff, aircraft, and airport property that involves utilisation of techniques and human/material resources to make air travel safer and avoid threats, accidents, crimes, and terrorism. The Airport Security department consists of processes, authorised personnel, and equipment for scanning the people and staff coming in and going out of the airports.

            The most common Aviation Security jobs are security guards, officers, operations managers, and policy advisers. The security guard and officer jobs require the candidates to pass background checks, medical tests and have a UK nationality. Management and advisory roles have degree and experience requirements. Attention to detail and communication skills are a must to work in Aviation Security.

            The Airport Security jobs UK are financially rewarding. Starting at an entry-level and gaining experience and improving skills during the course of your career will improve the chances of getting promoted which means you can get a pay raise and better benefits. Aviation Security operations management and advisory roles are even more promising.

            The work can get challenging for the people associated with Aviation Security. They have to be very meticulous when scanning the baggage, passengers, handling the security operations, and developing Aviation Security plans, processes and strategies. Due to the nature of these jobs, employers prefer candidates with the ability to work under pressure and stress.

            It depends on the kind of position you intend to apply to. Security aviation jobs for guards and officers require background checks, fulfilling the age limit, owning a licence, and other criteria. Positions related to management, operations, and policymaking aren’t that easy to get. Explore the latest job openings in Aviation Security on Aviation Job Search!

            Although the terms safety and security are similar, they are separate entities. The former protects people and things from harm, and the latter protects aviation infrastructure. In the United States, aviation safety and security are administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

            An aviation security officer is a person who works in airports to ensure the safety of passengers and employees. The work requires constant attention to detail and alertness. The main responsibility of this position is to investigate suspicious activities that may impact the safety of passengers. 

            In today's increasingly interconnected world, aviation security has many threats, some of which may seem more obvious than others. The biggest concern, however, is the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) designed to cause devastation. They can take the form of anything from plastic bags to simple bombs and are easy to fabricate. 

            If you are interested in becoming an aviation security expert, you need a university degree and several years of experience in the field. This experience can come from working for the Armed Forces, the Police, or an Aviation Academy. Additionally, you will need to have experience in security within a national or international organization. 

            One of the key qualities of a good airport security officer is their ability to make quick decisions. The job at the airport is constantly changing, and a security officer must be flexible to adapt to these changes. That may include adjusting the screening process to accommodate a late or canceled flight.


            What are Aviation Security Jobs Like 

            Aviation Security roles involve inspecting the cargo, passengers, ensuring that the SOPs are followed, security operations don’t hinder because of lack of equipment/resources, and developing policies and plans for dealing with the looming security issues. There are jobs at the airport for Aviation Security guards, officers, and operations managers. Most of the airports have permanent positions for baggage scanners and security officers. The other avsec careers include working as a policymaker or adviser. These positions need a thorough understanding of the Aviation Security landscape and require the policymakers to be diligent and aware of the most recent challenges and threats.  

            Aviation Security Jobs’ Responsibilities 

            As the jobs range from security personnel at the airport to operations managers and policy advisers so the responsibilities vary. The security staff at the airport consists of guards, baggage screeners, and security officers. The team works towards ensuring safe boarding and arrivals from in-bound and out-bound flights. Most of the Aviation Security roles are customer-facing especially for the personnel recruited at an airport. Security operations managers have to keep the operations running smoothly and resolve the issues pertaining to the equipment and resources. Aviation Security policymakers and advisers devise and implement strategies that address the safety of aircraft, environmental pollution, and other aspects of air travel. 

            Skills Required to Build Aviation Security Careers 

            Stellar communication skills both verbal and written are needed for pursuing a career in Aviation Security as most of the positions involve dealing with people and preparing documents. An eye for detail, knowing how to follow complex instructions and critical thinking skills are needed for working in airport security. For management roles administrative and problem-solving skills are required to handle the work and teams and resolve issues. Multi-tasking and time management skills will help with managing the different tasks and completing them within the given timelines. Make a quick professional profile on Aviation Job Search and apply to your dream job right away!

            Work Environment at Aviation Security Jobs

            The Work Environment at Aviation Security Jobs involves providing security and safety to aircraft, passengers, and crew. This job requires security and safety awareness, a very diverse field. Candidates who wish to pursue avsec careers will have extensive knowledge of international Aviation security management practices and have the ability to motivate and lead various teams. They must also have experience in humanitarian air operations, food aid, and liaising with national authorities. They should also have experience supervising professional staff and reviewing NOA/P1 and NOA/P2 employee reports. People doing avsec jobs are an important part of the aviation industry. Its primary goal is to prevent unlawful interference and keep threatening objects away from aircraft. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, aviation security has become a worldwide concern; this has expanded the regulatory framework for the aviation security industry worldwide, including the International Civil Aviation Organization, Annex 17 of the Chicago Convention, and the Universal Security Audit Programme. A European Aviation Security Policy is also periodically revised and expanded to address new threats and technological developments.

            Career Path to Aviation Security Jobs

            Aviation security jobs require specific qualifications. For example, aviation security managers must have an advanced university degree and an ICAO AVSEC Professional Management diploma. They also must have several years of experience in aviation security and related fields. Candidates with a First University degree may also be considered for the position. They should also have experience managing AVSEC training programs and operations. The salary of an airline security official varies depending on the sector they work in. These positions require strong communication and leadership skills and an understanding of safety and security issues. An avsec career can also involve working for a large airline. Many of these jobs require flight experience, and prior experience in the field can be advantageous. Additionally, attending conferences and joining professional associations will help you network within the industry. Regardless of the job title, it is essential to continue furthering your knowledge and building leadership skills.