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            Airside (Ramp Services) Agent-IRE
            Direct Employer
            Airside (Ramp Services) Agent-IRE Swissport International
            Cork, County Cork, Ireland
            84 days ago
            Airside (Ramp Services) Agent-IRE
            Direct Employer
            Airside (Ramp Services) Agent-IRE Swissport International
            Cork, County Cork, Ireland
            180 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            The minimum education requirements for this job are a high school certificate and relevant experience. There are positions that can require an associate degree or technical certification. You also need the stamina to stand and instruct for a longer time period and need to be good with numbers to be eligible for performing your duties as a ramp supervisor.

            The yearly earnings of ramp supervisors depend on the employer, working hours, and job responsibilities. If you want to build a career working for the ramp crew at the airport, you must be passionate and physically fit for the job. The supervisors looking over the cargo loading and unloading make good money. Explore new job openings at Aviation Job Search!

            According to a survey conducted, working as an airport ramp supervisor is one of the most gratifying jobs. If you have an interest in supervising cargo operations at the airport, you will like your work and are very likely to excel at it. For pursuing your career in this field, you need to be familiar with airport operations management at the ground level.

            Airport ramp supervisor jobs require dedication, agility, and a thorough understanding of cargo operations at an airport. Candidates that have relevant certification, experience, and enthusiasm to do this role will get promising opportunities. Once you fulfil the criteria for being eligible to apply and prove your worth, there are bright chances of getting a job.

            Working hours for ramp supervisors at an airport can vary depending on the employer, workload, and other factors. The average working hours can be between 40-60 per week. The work duration can increase or decrease depending on the number of flights that arrive and depart at an airport and workforce so the hours can’t be definite.


            Airport Ramp Supervisor Job Description

             The ramp supervisor is in charge of the ramp operations at an airport. The job includes ensuring all the baggage is loaded to the right flights that are departing and unloading it when the flight lands. The ramp supervisors ensure that the equipment in the area is functioning properly and all the agents are performing their duties responsibly. They instruct the baggage handlers to safely transfer cargo from storage to loading areas. The aircraft ramp supervisor job description includes sorting the cargo before getting it transported to the airplanes ensuring that all the activities are performed adhering to the safety rules and regulations. They need to inspect the cargo before clearing it. 

            Airport Ramp Supervisor Job Responsibilities 

            The primary responsibilities of an airport ramp supervisor are to manage the ramp operations on a daily basis and ensure the safety of passengers by not letting any prohibited or dangerous items on board. The supervisors provide essential training to baggage handlers especially the newly recruited ones according to the laws and regulations. They can conduct training when it deems necessary and can ask for more ramp personnel if there is an unusual workload or the department is understaffed. Ramp supervisors guide the passengers about baggage and cargo handling and address their concerns. Looking for ramp agent and supervisor jobs? Try Aviation Job Search!

            Skills Required to Build an Airport Ramp Supervisor Career 

            Attention to detail is required for working as a supervisor at an airport ramp. You have to be agile and focused on ensuring all the daily tasks are efficiently done. Effective communication skills are needed for airport ramp supervisor jobs as they have to interact with team members and carry out training sessions. Analytical skills are also important for this ground crew role and you have to be good at managing the personnel to assign them different tasks and get them completed. The ramp supervisors must know how to manage time as they have to juggle many things at a time and must be proficient in mathematics.