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            Airport Operations Manager
            Airport Operations Manager Irlam Associates
            Bristol Airport, North Somerset, England
            Full time
            £40,000 - £42,000
            4 days ago
            Supplier Operations Manager
            Supplier Operations Manager Line Up Aviation
            London, Greater London, England
            Full time
            12 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            You need to have a bachelor’s degree in Aviation or a degree course that includes subjects such as aviation sciences, finance, management, aerodynamics, and economics. Candidates that have studied management and have experience in the relevant field are preferred for this role. Understanding of the aviation regulations and procedures is also required for the position.

            The average annual salary for airport operations manager jobs can vary depending on the position and employer but operations are one of the well-paid jobs in aviation. Entry-level positions might not include the benefits but experienced managers are entitled to perks. If you are thinking about pursuing your career in operations management, it is monetarily rewarding.

            The operations manager looks over the daily airport operations and makes sure that everything is functioning smoothly according to the defined rules and regulations. Operations manager airport evaluates the productivity and performance of different departments and ensures the implementation of strategies and regulations especially the ones that are related to safety and security.

            It will take more than four years to get a degree and training for being qualified enough to apply for a managerial position in aviation operations management. Many schools offer relevant bachelor’s degree courses with subjects like aerodynamics, economics, and management that you can take up for getting familiar with the managerial and supervisor’s roles.

            If you have a passion for aviation management, the field has promising prospects and you can build a bright future working as an operations manager. You need to have a relevant degree and good management skills for getting job opportunities at airports in operations management. Use Aviation Job Search for exploring vacancies in your desired department!

            Qualifications for an Airport operations manager include a bachelor’s degree and experience in aviation. They must also possess good communication skills and have extensive knowledge of airport operations and safety procedures. Additionally, they must have strong leadership skills. 

            If you’re interested in working in aviation, becoming an operations manager at an airport may be the career for you. The responsibilities of this role include overseeing all operations of an airport, from maintaining and improving its facilities to promoting its use. You’ll also be responsible for training and supervising employees

            The minimum educational requirement for an operations manager at an airport is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. However, a master’s degree in a field related to aviation is preferred by many larger airports. The applicant should also have at least six years of aviation experience to qualify for the position.

            The salary of an Airport Operations Manager varies widely depending on the location, skills, and years of experience. 

            Yes, but for the right candidate. The job description for an airport operations manager entails extensive management and leadership skills. It also requires extensive knowledge of FAA rules, industry standards, and emergency procedures. Successful candidates should also have effective communication and planning skills.


            Airport Operations Manager Job Description

             Prime responsibilities of the airport manager include supervising and directing the operations. The managers make sure that the scheduled training and assignments are completed as instructed. They also provide information about the airport activities to the media and the public. Coordinating with different departments and assessing their performance is also included in the airport operations manager job description. The managers are required to implement safety regulations as defined by the aviation authorities. They supervise new projects like constructing a new block, up-gradation, or renovation of the airport along with providing assistance in developing the departmental budget. The managers are required to attend the meetings regarding airport operations. 

            Airport Operations Manager Job Responsibilities 

            Apart from ensuring smooth and efficient functioning of different departments at the airport, an operations manager is responsible for closing deals with clients. The managers make sure that all the maintenance equipment at the airport is functional and operations staff is performing its duties well. They provide detailed reports to the higher management about budgeting, new projects, and implementation of safety policies. Inventory reports are checked and maintained by the operations management. The managers have to provide required information to the audit and inspection teams, they look over construction and other projects at the airport and ensure their timely completion. 

            Skills Required for Building an Airport Operations Manager Career 

            Profound management skills are needed for pursuing an airport operations manager career. For working in aviation management, you should have all the essential knowledge about safety regulations. Managers must have good people and customer service skills to deal with the staff and public in a genial and professional manner. Organisation and communication skills are also needed for this role as you need to coordinate with the other departments at the airport. Managerial jobs require sagacity and leadership qualities, to work as a manager you need to know how to lead a team and get things done in a timely and efficient way. Other skills for this position include the ability to think creatively and solve problems. Aviation Job Search has operations management job listings from sought-after employers!

            Work Environment of Operations Manager, Airport

            The work environment of an operations manager airport consists of many responsibilities and activities. Typical duties include responding to emergencies on airport property and implementing emergency plans. The job holder is also responsible for ensuring the efficient use of resources. The role also requires a high level of communication and organizational skills. The work environment of an airport operations manager is highly technical, and the incumbent must possess a comprehensive understanding of how airports function. That includes knowing different types of equipment and how to maintain them. It also requires computer proficiency, current weather patterns, and critical management concepts. A bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required. The salary of an Operations Manager at the Airport is highly dependent on experience and education. Salaries will vary by region and airport size. 

            Future of Airport Operations Manager Job

            If you’re thinking of a career as an airport operations manager, you’ll need to be able to multi-task and be organized. You’ll also need strong communication skills, especially since you’ll interact with many people and speak different languages. In addition, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about the various software programs and equipment the airport uses. A career as an airport operations manager will be in demand as the demand for air travel worldwide continues to rise. Currently, there are more passengers than ever flying with global airlines. According to IATA, there has been a global increase in passenger thoroughfare, and it was ahead of the five-year average, and the growth is being driven by emerging markets and new models of airlines. As a result, airports will need more professionals, like airport operations managers, to oversee the safety of passengers. In addition to coordinating operations with other departments within the airport, an airport operations manager is also responsible for monitoring safety programs and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. They also oversee the day-to-day operations of an airport and will work with aviation experts and civil engineers to ensure everything goes smoothly.