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              Workshop Mechanic
              Workshop Mechanic Line Up Aviation
              West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
              Full time
              £20,000 - £25,000
              20 hours ago
              Workshop Manager
              Workshop Manager JMC Aviation Ltd
              Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, England
              Full time
              £40,000 - £45,000
              7 days ago
              Interior Workshop Technician
              Direct Employer
              Interior Workshop Technician Atlantic Aviation Group
              Full time
              13 days ago
              Aircraft Mechanic (Nights)
              Aircraft Mechanic (Nights) JMC Aviation
              London Gatwick Airport, Mole Valley, Surrey
              Full time
              15 days ago
              Airframe/Engines Fitter
              Airframe/Engines Fitter Morson Talent
              Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
              £60,000 - £70,000
              17 days ago
              Certifying Staff AW109, AW139, AW169, BK117 C2/D2
              Direct Employer
              Certifying Staff AW109, AW139, AW169, BK117 C2/D2 Heli Service International GmbH
              Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany
              Full time
              17 days ago
              Assembly and Test Mechanic
              Assembly and Test Mechanic Line Up Aviation
              Bournemouth, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, England
              £30,000 - £40,000
              20 days ago
              Aircraft Technical Records Executive
              Aircraft Technical Records Executive Line Up Aviation
              Wales, United Kingdom
              Full time
              20 days ago
              Certifying Staff B1.3 (and C) BK117 C2
              Direct Employer
              Certifying Staff B1.3 (and C) BK117 C2 Heli Service International GmbH
              Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen, Weßling, Landkreis Starnberg
              Full time
              22 days ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              A college degree isn’t required for this occupation but you need to have training from an approved aviation technology institute. There are aircraft mechanics and maintenance programmes offered by different schools that you can take up for becoming a certified technician. 16-47 years is the age requirement for applicants to apply for a technician job in the Royal Air Force.

              If you want to know how to become an Avionics Technician, you should seek completion of a Part 147 course to get Category A licence along with one year of experience to be eligible However, there are self-improver courses for engineers and they are required to complete longer training before applying for a position. These courses equip them with all the technical skills needed for the job.

              Though the average annual income of aircraft technicians varies depending on the employer, working hours and skillset, they are paid well. Entry-level positions and experienced technicians are offered different salaries and perks. There are aircraft technician vacancies for airlines and Royal Air Force that you can apply to depending upon your preference and qualification.

              If you have always aspired to work as a technician in aviation and attended the training course with great enthusiasm, you are very likely to enjoy your job. Like any other role, technicians working in the aviation industry sometimes have to work under pressure and stress but if you know how to handle it you will be satisfied. All you need is to have the passion and interest to carry out maintenance work.

              Aircraft technicians are needed for the maintenance, repair, and inspection of different air vehicles. They are in demand by the airlines, Government, and private aviation organisations. You are expected to get employment soon after getting certified and trained as an airplane technician. Aviation Job Search has aircraft technician job listings from top employers in the UK!

              A certified mechanic is an aircraft maintenance technician. They are responsible for performing repairs and inspecting and installing parts. They must know about aircraft engines, hydraulics, fuel pumps, starters, electronic components, frames, landing gear, and other aspects.

              To be a competent aircraft mechanic, you must pay attention to every detail; meaning  every detail and aspect should be taken into consideration when reading and understanding manuals. It is important to be able to detect problems by observing changes in the movement, performance, and even sound of parts.

              Aviation service technicians are responsible for scheduled maintenance and repairs on aircraft machinery and ensure that aircraft airframes and engines meet FAA or CAA standards. They are usually found in airfields, hangars, and designated repair areas.

              Aircraft technician jobs are not without stress and difficulties. The pressure on technicians is to quickly identify and fix electrical and navigational system faults so airlines can adhere to their flight schedules. Aerial technicians and mechanics are responsible for the safety of all who travel on an aircraft.

              You might be eligible to receive discounted and free flights if you work as an aircraft maintenance technician for an airline company that offers such perks. However, the stress and difficulties aside, this career offers a steady income, great benefits, and a good living.


              Aircraft Technician Job Description

              Aircraft technicians carry out the repair and maintenance work on airplanes and helicopters. They are required to examine engines, landing gear, fuel, and control systems of an air vehicle to ensure there is no issue during the flight. Replacement and installing of the parts of an aircraft are also what technicians do. They also do the servicing work and make certain the air vehicle is mechanically fit for a flight. Identifying mechanical and electrical issues and fixing them is in the aircraft technician job description. Routine maintenance is assigned to the aviation technical team, they are asked to fix the damaged parts of an aircraft as well. 

              Aircraft Technician Job Responsibilities

              The technicians working in the aviation industry are responsible for doing routine system inspections and using diagnostic tests for identifying any malfunctioning or broken parts of the aircraft. They are required to keep regular logs for the assigned repair and maintenance tasks and suggest replacement after meticulous examination of a worn-out part. The technicians have to make sure that safety standards are strictly adhered to while performing troubleshooting, replacement of parts, or installation. They have to coordinate with the team for efficient and quick completion of different tasks and must work safely with different tools and technical equipment. 

              Skills Required for Building an Aircraft Technician Career

              Technicians working in the aviation industry need to have all the knowledge about different kinds of aircraft. They need strong mechanical and good verbal and written communication skills. Being attentive to detail is a quality that will help an aircraft technician to investigate a problem and provide solutions quickly. The mechanics have to analyse a situation and think critically most of the time so if you have analytical and creative thinking skills, you can excel in the technical field. Technicians working on airplanes must have agility and the ability to work for longer hours. Aviation Job Search has all the aircraft technician and other opportunities in airlines that can interest you!

              Workplaces of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

              The working conditions of aircraft maintenance technicians are generally the same, but there might be slight variations depending on who they work for. Aircraft maintenance technicians can work for military or commercial airlines, government agencies, and independent repair sites. They also might be employed by aircraft manufacturers or specialty shops. Private aircraft owners may hire maintenance technicians to repair their planes and fleets. However, the most common workplaces for aircraft maintenance technicians are in aircraft hangars or outdoors, which can be at high altitudes or tight spaces. They might be required to work shifts in the daytime or at night, and sometimes even on weekends. To drown out the noises from aircraft engines, they often wear noise-reducing headphones and other gear and attire so that they can do their job efficiently.

              Future Prospects for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

              Future prospects for aircraft maintenance technicians is good; however, to further elaborate on that according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 130,000 aviation mechanics were employed last year. According to the BLS, growth is expected to continue steadily until 2024. Air traffic is expected to increase over the next few decades. That will lead to more innovation in the design and manufacture of aircraft, which will need maintenance. Most of the work required for aircraft maintenance will be done abroad, but it is possible to find specialized skills in domestic shops. The important thing to take from this is that such opportunities are available to those who can acquire specialist skills and continue their education. As the population and economy grow, so does the demand for aircraft maintenance technicians. However, some experts say this field will experience limited growth as newer aircraft require less maintenance. Some airlines might also consider outsourcing maintenance to specialised companies to do the work of mechanics and technicians for their aircraft.