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            Structures Engineers A320 or A330
            Structures Engineers A320 or A330 Lupos Global Limited
            Dublin, Ireland
            Full time
            €79,000 - €80,000
            13 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Structural repairers do the repair of damaged structural components of an aircraft and manage the flight surfaces and landing gear systems. The technicians work with pneumatic and hydraulic control systems of the airplanes and ensure they function smoothly for a safe and secure flight. They are responsible for the structural maintenance of an aircraft.

            There are tech schools offering aircraft structural repair technician programmes that you can enrol on for gaining the essential knowledge and training. You are required to obtain a licence for being eligible to work as an aircraft technician. There are different categories for the licenses that are given to the technicians based on their line of work and experience.

            The annual structural mechanic salary varies depending on the kind of position, working hours, and employer. Some repairers are offered full-time jobs while others are recruited for a particular period of time so their average income and benefits aren’t the same. Structural technicians in aviation are paid quite well though and also enjoy some perks.

            Doing the aircraft structural repairing apprenticeship will become easier and more fun for you if you have the aptitude and passion for pursuing your career as a repair technician. Just like any other field, it requires interest and hard work. You can check the outline of the course to get an idea about what you will be learning and then proceed.

            The need for aircraft repair technicians is increasing. The employment opportunities are expected to get even better for them in the next few years, so if you spend time learning, training, or getting a degree in the structural mechanics of an aircraft, you are very likely to get a job. Check Aviation Job Search for the latest aircraft structural repairer vacancies.


            Aircraft Structural Repairer Job Description

             Aircraft structural repairers perform the repair and maintenance of aeroplanes and helicopters to ensure they are safe to fly and will not encounter any structural issues during the flight. They take care of the structural components of an aircraft, pneumatic control, actuating systems and flight surfaces to ensure everything is functioning properly. They also construct and repair metallic and non-metallic parts. The repairers have to work with the sheet metals, so they need to be familiar with the methods and techniques involved. They must also know how to read the structural repair manuals and make reports of an assigned task or project. 

            Aircraft Structural Repairer Job Responsibilities 

            Aircraft structural repairers have to perform the repair and maintenance work as instructed. They work with sheet metal, stress panels, and fibreglass. Their job responsibilities include determining the inspection and repair points and ensuring everything is done in an efficient manner. The technicians look into the damages in the structures kit and identify the parts that need replacement. They have to consider the work safety procedures and follow instructions like taking care of the equipment and tools they are working with. Aircraft structural repairer jobs can require collaborating with other technicians and teams and operating vehicles while performing a task. 

            Skills Required to Build an Aircraft Structural Repairer Career 

            The technical skill required for this role is the ability to read the metallurgical tables, charts, and other stats that are used in the fabrication processes. Repairers working on the aircraft structural system have to be attentive to detail and good at communicating with other maintenance personnel. They need to know how to manage time for ensuring the completion of the assigned tasks within the provided deadlines. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills will help you with carrying on your responsibilities as a structural repairer in the aviation industry. Repair technicians must keep pace with the latest knowledge. Aviation Job Search can help you find your dream job!