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              Principal Outfit Engineer
              Principal Outfit Engineer Aeropeople Ltd
              Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland
              Full time
              £60,000 - £70,000
              1 day ago
              Senior Systems Engineer (Integration & Trials)
              Senior Systems Engineer (Integration & Trials) Aeropeople Ltd
              Portsmouth, South East England, England
              Full time
              £60,000 - £70,000
              1 day ago
              Systems Engineer (Integration & Trials)- 001*****
              Systems Engineer (Integration & Trials)- 001***** Aeropeople Ltd
              Portsmouth, South East England, England
              Full time
              £50,000 - £60,000
              1 day ago
              SHE Coordinator
              SHE Coordinator Morson Talent
              United Kingdom
              £30,000 - £40,000
              5 days ago
              Air Safety Consultant
              Air Safety Consultant Searchability NS&D
              Bristol, United Kingdom
              Full time
              £40,000 - £60,000
              6 days ago
              Quality Manager
              Direct Employer
              Quality Manager Heron Aviation
              Full time
              8 days ago
              Technical Officer Engineer (m/f/d)
              Direct Employer
              Technical Officer Engineer (m/f/d) Heli Service International GmbH
              Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany
              Full time
              8 days ago
              Technical Records Clerk
              Technical Records Clerk ZENON
              United Kingdom
              12 days ago
              SAFA Inspector
              Direct Employer
              SAFA Inspector Civil Aviation Authority
              Crawley, West Sussex, England
              Full time
              £36,956 - £42,000
              14 days ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              Safety in aviation refers to all the measures that are taken in order to achieve the task of a smooth and flawless airplane flight. Safety pilot jobs include a multitude of ranks and roles that aim at ensuring a safe, trouble-free, and enjoyable flight experience.

              It is needless to say that Aviation Safety is a crucial, perhaps even the most critical, part of the entire aviation sector. It is so because it involves the lives of hundreds of onboard crew and passengers. Therefore, Aircraft Safety jobs are specifically related to ensuring the maximum security and safety of all the passengers and crew.

              There are a number of changes made across the years in order to maximise and improve the safety of aviation. A few important and prominent amongst them are air accident investigations and Aircraft Safety inspections, and improvements in better quality control.

              If you wish to be eligible to apply to Aircraft Safety vacancies, you need to have a pertinent educational background as well as some experience in Aviation Safety. The exact educational requirements vary depending upon the rank and the role in Aviation Safety.

              In order to build successful flight safety careers, you need to have some basic skills like communication, compliance, writing, and other soft skills. You can find out more about the skills needed in this job and apply for newly posted aviation safety jobs on Aviation Job Search.

              Aircraft safety refers to the study and practice in managing aviation risks. This includes research and education to prevent aviation accidents and incidents and designing aircraft and infrastructure.

              For federal safety positions, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. A college degree may be required for positions that are not government-related. Some experience is required for all positions in aviation safety. However, it depends on the position you are applying for. On average, the minimum flight hours required for pilots applying to the aircraft safety position are 1,500 on a commercial aircraft; this depends on your locale.

              They are responsible for inspecting maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and operations procedures. They ensure the safety and quality of equipment and personnel.

              A textbook interpretation of aircraft security is defined as “Safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.” At the same time, safety is “The state in which risks associated with aviation activities, related to, or in direct support of the operation of aircraft, are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level.”

              Driving is more dangerous than flying, with 20 more accidents per 100 million miles. For 100 million miles, a more direct comparison shows that driving has 1.27 fatalities and 80 injuries while flying has almost no deaths and very few injuries.


              What are Aircraft Safety Jobs Like? 

              Aviation safety is basically everything that is done to make sure that both passengers and crew have a safe flight. There are different ranks and roles in flight safety jobs that all work together to keep aviation risks in check. Research, practice, and putting Aviation Safety laws into action are all part of aviation safety. Most of the time, these goals are met by educating and training the people who work in the air travel industry and suggesting changes to the way planes and other airborne equipment are built.

              Aircraft Safety Job Responsibilities 

              In Aircraft Safety careers, people take on different roles and do different tasks, all with the goal of making aviation as safe as possible. The main things that fall under this umbrella term are studying and following the rules for aviation safety, training and educating the people who work in air travel, doing research to improve the infrastructure of airborne equipment, and making suggestions for how to make things better.

              Skills Required For Building Aircraft Safety Careers 

              To have a successful career in Aviation Safety, you need to have a number of skills and traits. The most important ones are good management, following rules, communicating well, and paying attention. You should also always do your best work. On the Aviation Job Search site, you can find out more about avsec jobs.

              Work Environment at Aircraft Safety Job

              Depending on where you live, the FAA or CAA is in charge of making sure that private and commercial pilots, mechanics, and other people who work in aviation follow safety rules. And they hire aircraft safety inspectors, whose job titles might be different but whose work is the same. These people check the planes to make sure they meet the rules. People who work on airplane safety usually work 40 hours per week. But they might have to work extra hours or on the weekends to deal with accidents or emergency situations. In some situations, they might also have to be on call 24 hours a day. Most of the time, people who work in aircraft safety are in offices, but they may also spend time outside at airports or other places. They could hear noises from plane engines or other machines.