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            Frequently asked questions

            Aircraft powerplant repairers perform limited maintenance on the propellers, they basically work with the engines of the air vehicles. Identifying a technical fault with the engine of an airplane or a helicopter and repairing them is included in their job responsibilities. They also go about conducting cooling and exhaust inspections.

            To obtain the licence to work as a technician on the aircraft, you need to complete an apprenticeship. The course offered by the UK aviation institutes includes classroom, workshop hours, and working at an aircraft maintenance company. Explore the course outline by different schools along with pricing to compare the available options.

            The average aircraft powerplant technician salary varies depending on the job description, working hours, employer, and other factors. Overall, the repairers make really good money, even at entry-level positions. The experienced technicians get to earn even better, so if you want to pursue your career in this field, it is monetarily rewarding.

            Aircraft powerplant repairers are in demand and the employment opportunities for them are likely to get even better in the coming years. The aviation industry is making rapid progress and with it, the need for engineers and technicians is increasing. You can make a bright future working as an aircraft powerplant repairer.

            The experience that you would require for getting a licence to work on an aircraft can take up to 30 months. You need to have an inclination for working as an aircraft powerplant repairer to get the knowledge, training, and experience. Aviation Job Search has promising job opportunities in all areas of aviation by popular employers!


            Aircraft Powerplant Repairer Job Description

            Aircraft powerplant repairers do the inspection of aircraft turbine engines and components. They have to identify any technical problems with the airframe and engines and fix them to ensure an airplane or helicopter is safe for a flight. Troubleshooting the engine problems and performing thorough safety and operational checks is the prime airframe and powerplant mechanic job description. The repairers are required to spot the signs of wear and tear on different parts of the aircraft and perform the repair work with adherence to the safety rules and regulations. They also do follow-up tests to see if the repaired or replaced parts are functioning smoothly. 

            Aircraft Powerplant Repairer Job Responsibilities

            The basic job responsibilities of aircraft powerplant repairers include inspecting the engines and doing the maintenance work on the propellers. They also check the repair ignitions and starters to see if there is no mechanical problem with them. They are required to take a look at the fuel system along with meticulously performing the cooling and exhaust inspections as well. Keeping the airborne machines safe and running is also the duty of aircraft powerplant repairers. Depending on the employer like an airline, aircraft manufacturing industry, or an air vehicle servicing company the responsibilities and work environment of the aircraft powerplant technicians can vary.

            Skills Required to Build an Aircraft Powerplant Repairer Career 

            A technical skill required for this role is above-average computer literacy. You have to be adept at manual dexterity for working as an aircraft powerplant repairer. Attention to detail and precision is needed for the position as you have to carefully inspect the engines. Flexibility and the willingness to adapt are required for this job as the working conditions can’t always be the same. You must be good at managing time and coordinating with other team members for building your career as an aircraft powerplant repairer. Finding your dream job is simple with Aviation Job Search, the portal has the latest advertised technicians vacancies in different departments!