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            Front End Developer -
            Front End Developer - Shorterm Limited
            Guildford, Surrey, England
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            £60,000 - £70,000
            5 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            In aircraft overhaul supervisor jobs, you are required to be in charge of inspection and supervision of all the aspects of aircraft maintenance. Aircraft overhaul supervisors, as technicians, are also responsible for making sure that their designated aircrafts are fit to fly and are in compliance with all the aviation safety standards.

            If you are looking to build aircraft overhaul supervisor careers, then you should have a degree in aeronautical engineering, or an equivalent degree in related engineering. You can also have a diploma or an advanced diploma in any of the pertinent fields. You should also have enough training to be qualified for the job.

            Those having established aircraft overhaul supervisor careers get to take home one of the best salary packages offered in aircraft maintenance. The median salary is a fat, six-digit amount. But this amount can fluctuate a bit depending upon different factors like years of experience, rank, and geographical region.

            Even though the term aircraft overhaul does not have a specific explanation, the term is loosely used to describe the compliance of an aircraft with aviation safety standards, or the process of making it compliant with the safety rules. Explore Aviation Job Search to get your hands on the latest job opportunities.

            If you’re looking for aircraft overhaul supervisor jobs, then the average length of your training program will be more than four years. This length tends to change depending upon different courses and programs. You can also get trained once you venture on your journey as an aircraft mechanic.


            Aircraft Overhaul Supervisor Job Description 

            Before applying for any aircraft overhaul supervisor vacancies, one should be in possession of a fair idea about all the expected responsibilities and requirements. In case of aircraft maintenance, there are a number of challenging roles you can assume, one of which is that of an aircraft overhaul supervisor. To get the job, you should have a certain education as well as experience. The educational requirements are usually a minimum of a bachelor of science’s degree. This degree can be in any of the required fields. After getting the education, you can work as an internee to gain the needed experience that is required for this job. 

            Aircraft Overhaul Supervisor Job Responsibilities 

            In order to be eligible for aircraft overhaul supervisor jobs, you should know about all the responsibilities that you will be undertaking in this job. As an aircraft overhaul supervisor, you will be expected to oversee all the different components of aircraft maintenance and lead a team of technicians. During your job, you will supervise servicing and repairing of the different airborne equipment. You will look into all the details of different machineries or parts to make sure that they are fit to fly. The responsibility to make sure that they are in accordance with the aviation safety rules and regulations also lies on your shoulders. Being a supervisor, you will also need to weigh the costs of different procedures and equipment. 

            Skills Required For Building Aircraft Overhaul Supervisor Career

            The skills that are required in aircraft overhaul supervisor jobs include good mechanical and leadership skills. An exceptional mechanical and technical aptitude is required because during your job you will need to work hands-on with some of the most advanced and complex mechanical structures. As a supervisor, you need to have a hawk-eye over each minute detail, so as to be able to respond to them quickly. As a good leader of your team, you need to have good communication skills with your team, so as to coordinate the relevant information quickly. If you are looking to apply for aircraft maintenance jobs, go to Aviation Job Search