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            Aerial Firefighter Pilot
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            Aerial Firefighter Pilot Avincis
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            Frequently asked questions

            You must be between 17 and 47 years old and the UK national with a valid flying licence in the United Kingdom. The candidate must commit for a minimum of three years after Phase Two Training, meet the standards for fitness and health and pass the Airmen Selection Test with a passing score to gain entry in the field.

            An aerial firefighter is also known as an air tanker pilot. These pilots drop fire retardant from a fixed-wing aircraft to suppress and control wildfires. It is a challenging and overwhelming job that requires strong nerves and composure. To find out more about firefighter pilot jobs, visit the website of Aviation Job Search.

            Wildfires are put out by airborne firefighters who use planes and helicopters to do it. Some of their roles include transporting firefighters and equipment, supplying water and fire retardants, and dropping into locations that are not easily accessible due to fire or terrains and can only be reached by plane. They also receive proper training to handle such emergencies.

            There is no national or international accreditation programme for becoming firefighting pilots. Every organisation in the world has a minimum number of hours of flight time on aircraft type and a minimum number of hours spent in the air to achieve the status of aerial firefighter. Therefore, it is best to search according to your country or region.

            The pilots of large air tankers at firefighting companies must have a minimum of 4,000 hours of flight time and 1,000 hours of firefighting experience to serve in this profession. They must be agile, vigilant and have the nerves to overcome the challenges. During the training, they acquire all the necessary skills that are required for the dangerous fire rescue operations.


            Aerial Firefighter Pilot Job Description

            A firefighter who uses planes and helicopters to put out fires is known as a firefighting pilot. These pilots operate with ground teams to help put out wildfires. They fly over the blaze to access smokejumpers on the ground or dump water or other fire retardants on the fire. They also deliver the supplies and survey wildfires in conjunction with ground crew. Aerial firefighters work long shifts in potentially dangerous settings that extend beyond the regular workday. Because their knowledge may be called upon at any time, they must be watchful and versatile, as well as ready to deploy on very short notice. 

            Aerial Firefighter Pilot Job Responsibilities

            Aerial firefighters dig fire lines and put out fires by releasing the fire retardants from the aircraft. The firefighting pilot flies in helicopters or planes equipped with buckets that may drop water to isolated regions hit or threatened by wildfires. Smokejumpers arrive in wildfire areas with supplies that allow them to expand the fire line for up to two days on their own. While not on the job, aerial firefighters maintain their equipment, perform physical fitness training, and create fire reports. They could also assist with fire prevention measures such as scheduled burns, which can help reduce the severity of future wildfires. They also receive training to carry out dangerous rescue operations.

            Skills Required to Build An Aerial Firefighter Pilot Career

            The pilots need few skills to become an aerial firefighter, such as remaining calm in the face of adversity. They must make the right choices in the most challenging situations. Collaboration and capabilities for technical piloting are other skills required in this job role. They must interact with the fire department. Additional skills required are mental fortitude and a drive to grow and learn with a keen eye for detail. The aerial firefighters must also complete courses in fire behaviour and fundamental firefighting. State and national fire academies provide vital training through various qualifications and certifications. For more details regarding firefighter pilot jobs, visit Aviation Job Search.