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            Production Engineer
            Production Engineer Chromalloy
            Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
            17 days ago
            UH60 Aircraft Mechanic 2
            UH60 Aircraft Mechanic 2 Amentum
            28 days ago
            UH60 Aircraft Mechanic II
            UH60 Aircraft Mechanic II Amentum
            63 days ago
            Metrology Engineer
            Metrology Engineer Chromalloy
            Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
            276 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Moving to Mexico can be an exciting yet difficult experience. There are many challenges to overcome, including learning a new language. But, as you get used to the new environment, you will feel a sense of achievement. The people in Mexico are generally friendly and hospitable. However, it would be best if you noted that its laws and traditions differ.

            The Mexican aerospace industry is experiencing rapid growth meaning aviation vacancies in Mexico are increasing. Before the recent pandemic, Mexico boasted over a hundred aerospace firms and supported several thousand direct jobs. Meanwhile, states within the country are staking their claims in the aviation industry. 

            If you're considering aviation careers in Mexico, you've got a few options. There are a handful of flight schools in the country, and most will provide training instruction in Spanish. Therefore, if you're considering aviation jobs in Mexico, make sure you speak their language. Interested in careers in Mexico? Visit Aviation Job Search now!


            An Overview of Aviation Jobs in Mexico

            The aerospace sector in Mexico has experienced explosive growth in recent years; this includes manufacturing aircraft parts, engines, and flight control assemblies. Many multinational companies operate in the country, including GE, Rolls Royce, and Fokker Aerostructures. The country is also a center for small and medium-sized aircraft and is home to several research and development facilities. The aerospace industry in Mexico is fragmented into five regional clusters. The largest aerospace cluster is in Baja California, where more than a hundred aerospace firms are located and support most of the direct jobs in the nation. Other states, like Guanajuato, are also taking steps to secure their market share. Although the aerospace industry in Mexico is relatively young, it is a major sector in the country. Aviation jobs in Mexico are plentiful; check out Aviation Job Search for more.

            Types of Aviation Careers in Mexico

            There are several types of aviation careers in Mexico; these include airline pilots, helicopter pilots, and pilots for private airlines. Mexico's air transport industry supports over a million jobs. In addition, the country benefits from an influx of foreign tourists. Each year, the air transport industry contributes to Mexico's GDP heavily. The country's air transport sector is growing rapidly. By 2037, the market is projected to double. The increase in demand would support billions in GDP and countless aviation jobs in Mexico. Many aviation careers in Mexico are highly technical and require a strong background in engineering and math. In addition, most positions require teamwork and attention to protocol. Those interested in careers in aviation should consider pursuing a bachelor's degree, while other aviation jobs may require a master's degree. For example, as an aviation mechanic, you will work on aircraft and inspect and replace parts. You will also be responsible for keeping records of aircraft maintenance. As an aircraft mechanic, you will be exposed to noise, harsh weather conditions, and greasy conditions.