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            Captain Emirates
            Full time
            From AED44,385
            12 days ago
            Quality Inspector
            Quality Inspector Satair
            Copenhagen, Denmark
            12 days ago
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            The beautiful countryside, serene seaside, well-functioning welfare system that entitles the residents to free education and healthcare, and family-friendly Danish culture make Denmark a great place to live. Teamwork, work-life balance and flat management structures make the country’s workforce among the most productive ones. Employees are given high autonomy, making Denmark one of the finest places to work. 

            The aviation jobs in Denmark are air transport logistics coordinators, chief pilots, cabin crew, airline customer support agents, continued airworthiness support staff, aviation consultants, aviation specialists, aerospace program managers, VIP flight attendants, simulator pilots, flight dispatchers, airline sales support agents and aerospace solutions B1 developers. The basic qualification requirements for these positions especially the technical roles are almost the same. 

            The average salary for aviation vacancies in Denmark varies depending on the factors like the kind of position, experience/skills required, working hours and the employer. Overall, the pilots, airline customer support teams and other aviation professionals earn well. They are offered competitive remuneration packages and benefits. Use Aviation Job Search for easy searching and posting of aviation industry jobs!


            An Overview of the Aviation Jobs in Denmark 

            Denmark ranks among the most likeable places to live and work for several reasons. The captivating scenic beauty especially in the countryside and beaches, safe living conditions, healthy and quality lifestyle, finest recreational facilities and family-friendly environment make this country a great place to reside in. Denmark offers a high quality of life to its residents and the Danish welfare society gives access to free education, healthcare, multiple free cultural activities and more to Danes making them one of the happiest and most satisfied nations in the world. Finding a job in Denmark can be difficult, work-life balance and employee autonomy and empowerment are the prime characteristics of the Danish work culture. The workers are entitled to five weeks of annual leaves. Denmark has promising work opportunities and flexible working hours. The popular aviation jobs in Denmark are flight attendants, aviation specialists, airline customer support agents, and B licensed engineers. 

            The Kind of Aviation Jobs in Denmark 

            The air transport industry has a significant contribution and impact on the Danish economy. Besides providing jobs in aviation and related fields, the sector boosts trade flows, tourism and investment. There are plenty of airline jobs in Denmark, other employers in this sector are airport operators, aircraft manufacturers, and airport on-site enterprises including restaurants and retail outlets. The aviation industry supports more jobs in freight logistics and airlines’ supply and chain. The aviation opportunities in Denmark are air transport logistics coordinators, cabin crew, chief pilots, continued airworthiness support staff, aviation consultants, first officers, aerospace program managers, VIP flight attendants, aviation specialists, captains, airport services agents, simulator pilots, flight dispatchers, airline sales support agents, aerospace solutions B1 developers, and B licensed engineers. Are you looking for a job in the European aviation industry? Get filtered search results matching your area of interest and work experience by signing into Aviation Job Search!