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            Frequently asked questions

            Croatia is a small, independent nation on the Adriatic Sea that shares borders with several Eastern European states. It has a large expat community, with many living in the capital, Zagreb. There are several advantages to living and working in Croatia. The country has an excellent state education system that is tightly regulated. Checking the latest aviation vacancies in Croatia on Aviation Job Search!

            If you’re wondering if there are Aviation Jobs in Croatia, you are not alone. The country offers a large variety of aviation jobs for those interested in flying. You can also study for an aviation degree to become a commercial pilot.

            There are different aviation careers in Croatia you can pursue. You can become a pilot with a private airline or join the Croatian Air Force. You can study to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot license for those interested in becoming a commercial pilot.


            An Overview of Aviation Jobs in Croatia

            If you are interested in aviation careers in Croatia, you can find several opportunities in this region. The country’s economy has been booming for many years. The country is also a member of the International Monetary Fund and the EBRD. In addition, the Croatian government is a member of CEFTA, a trade agreement with the European Union. The country borders Slovenia to the north, Hungary to the northeast, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east. It has diverse geography with rocky coastlines, mountain ranges, plains, and lakes. Eight national parks are located in Croatia, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that tourism is one of the largest industries in Croatia. If you’re interested in doing aviation jobs in Croatia, a good place to start is the city of Zagreb. Generally, the country has a high demand for pilots and other aviation jobs. There are many different companies offering training and career opportunities. To secure a position in this field, you should be prepared to work hard and travel abroad for long hours. The pay is competitive, and you’ll be able to make a substantial income.

            Types of Aviation Vacancies in Croatia

            If you’re interested in flying and wishing to live and work in Croatia, you’ll want to know what types of aviation jobs in Croatia are available. The national airline of Croatia, Croatian Airlines, operates a modern fleet of Airbus and Q400 EFIS airliners. These airlines recruit pilots in Croatian, so you’ll need to speak Croatian to apply. Croatian Airlines is looking for new pilots with at least 250 hours of flight experience and an ATPL. Applicants must be EU citizens, have a valid flight licence, and be medically fit. Another option for aviation jobs in Croatia is working as a charter pilot. Most private or commercial airline jobs in Croatia are based in Zagreb, and they have vacancies for pilots, co-pilots and cabin crews from time to time. Those with previous work experience are welcome to apply, as you will be trained on different aircraft types. Interest in aviation vacancies in Croatia? Visit Aviation Job Search for the latest and most well-paid jobs in the Croatian air transport industry.