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            Frequently asked questions

            The cost of living in China is low compared to most places in the world, although major cities can be more expensive than smaller towns. Another plus is the opportunity to experience a different culture. If you plan to live in China, you should take Mandarin classes to increase your job prospects.

            There are many aviation jobs in China, but they are not all open to women. For instance, China's airlines have a policy that requires them to hire only cadets from the military and universities, and they do not allow female pilots to convert their private flying licenses into commercial licenses. 

            As demand for air travel continues to grow in Asia, China is quickly becoming the world's biggest aviation market. Airlines in the country are looking for new pilots with great pay packages; some Chinese carriers are hiring several thousand new pilots a year. 


            An Overview of Aviation Jobs in China

            There are numerous opportunities for aviation careers in China. There is an expanding middle class in the country that can afford to fly abroad or choose to take air transport on domestic trips. The government is also working to improve international connectivity for its metropolises. China has many remote areas with poor transportation infrastructure, and general aviation can help fill this gap. China's CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) is working to build couple hundred new airports by 2035. The aviation industry is divided into many components, so there are expected to be numerous aviation jobs in China in their various departments. The fact of the matter is if you have the skills, you can look for jobs in the airline industry. China Southern Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, operating over a couple of thousand flights daily. Its main hub is in Beijing, and its fleet includes wide-bodied Boeing and Airbus planes. The airline employs numerous expatriate pilots.

            The Aviation Industry and Vacancies in China

            There are various opportunities available in China for those interested in working in the aviation industry. Many of these opportunities are available at airlines based in major Chinese cities. If you're interested in working with international airlines in China, you'll want to look into these opportunities. They offer excellent compensation and family-friendly schedules. In addition, you'll be able to work with Chinese employees and support staff who can help you with routine and non-routine needs. Currently, the aviation industry in China is facing an acute shortage of domestic pilot candidates. As a result, Chinese airlines are seeking to recruit more foreign pilots and offer more attractive employment packages. While Chinese airlines have launched a massive recruitment campaign, they have had limited success in attracting top international pilots. There are also many aviation opportunities in China, including operations, maintenance, and aircraft engineering, among many others. To check out the latest aviation vacancies in China, please visit the Aviation Job Search website now!