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              B1 Licensed Engineer - A320
              B1 Licensed Engineer - A320 First People Solutions Limited
              Vienna, Austria
              3 days ago
              MOC PLANNER - VIENNA
              MOC PLANNER - VIENNA Bostonair Group Limited
              Full time
              17 days ago
              Embraer and/or Bombardier Type Aircraft Engineer
              Embraer and/or Bombardier Type Aircraft Engineer AMX Support - Vienna
              Vienna, Austria
              Full time
              18 days ago
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              Frequently asked questions

              Every year, thousands of people move to Austria to work. Some are looking for a job, and others are trying to get experience. The latter may plan to move back home and resume their careers once their stay in Austria is over. Interested in finding aviation opportunities in Austria? Visit Aviation Job Search now!

              If you're interested in working for an airline, you may wonder whether there are many Airline Jobs in Austria. After all, the country is home to several internationally recognized airlines, including Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. However, it's important to understand the company's hiring requirements and salary scale before deciding. 

              Austria is home to a large aviation industry. The sector contributes more than several billion to the Austrian economy. It accounts for a certain percentage of the country's GDP. Aviation jobs such as pilots, engineers, and technicians are quite popular.


              An Overview of Aviation Jobs in Austria

              If you're interested in working aviation jobs in Austria, their industry is one of the best in the region. The Austrian air transport industry is growing rapidly and is vital to the nation's economy. The country is home to several airports and a major European aviation market. Austrian Airlines is the largest airline in the country, and its airports are dotted with kiosks where passengers can self-check in and print bag tags. Austrian Airlines is one of the most well-known airlines in the country and is part of the Lufthansa Group. The airline flies to over a hundred destinations worldwide and has a dense route network throughout central and eastern Europe. Austrian Airlines operates more than three hundred daily flights from its hub in Vienna and carries out aviation recruitment in Austria at various levels and positions. There are many benefits to working as a flight attendant on an airline. Those in this position are responsible for ensuring that passengers are comfortable during their flight. They may also be responsible for ensuring the safety of the aircraft and the crew.

              Types of Aviation Careers in Austria

              If you've ever dreamed of working in an airline, you're not alone. Many countries have an aviation industry, and Austria is no different. There are several types of Aviation Careers in Austria that you can pursue, so whether you want to be a captain or a first officer, you'll find various opportunities in Austria. You can start a career by becoming a commercial airline pilot or joining the Austrian Air Force to serve the country. The Air Force will sponsor flight training, and trainees must stay in the military for 12 years before applying for commercial airline jobs. The military is a great way to get a foothold in the aviation industry and a great way to experience international travel. A bachelor's degree in aviation management can prepare you for an air traffic controller job. An aviation management degree will equip you for a position overseeing the operations of an airport. You can also become a pilot by earning a degree in aviation operations. Want to find a great aviation job in Austria? Then head to Aviation Job Search for the best aviation opportunities in Austria.