RecruitMnt66 SL

Head office
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Company type
Recruitment Agency
Company size
1-10 Employees
Founding year
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Recruitmnt66 is the project where all EASA Part 66 license holders can be part of. As contracting engineers with a vast knowledge within the aviation sector, we realized that going “solo” in the market is no longer efficient, thus we decided to join forces by creating a strong based collaborative project. We’re not just recruiters, we are engineers who know the job well, and provide with the degree of involvement that our customers require. Our team members count with a higher degree of technical background and overall knowledge which they share horizontally with no hesitation, in order to increase the quality of the service provided, thus reducing the client’s uncertainty about their outsourced personnel. We earn our customers’ trust by applying our full commitment and empathy towards their needs. Join us today!

About RecruitMnt66 SL


Our own experience has helped us acquire a global vision of the market and a deeper understanding of it, which helps us offer you a product tailored to your needs.

Commercial aviation is undergoing rapid changes. External factors with direct consequences such as the price of oil, Brexit or the Covid-19 pandemic, force companies to continually reinvent themselves to avoid disappearing.

The markets are more volatile, and it is necessary to avoid risks derived from said volatility through flexible mechanisms such as leasing programs, both with its aircraft fleets and with its certifying personnel. This last part is what we know well.


If your organization requires qualified personnel to meet your needs:

For occasional short and / or medium duration projects.

As a support to your regular staff.

Both in base maintenance projects and line maintenance support contracts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


If you are an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, and you are looking for new opportunities, we can help you.

Moreover, if you are Spanish and new to the world of freelancing, this is your place. We explain everything to you in your language and guide you throughout the process. You will not be alone.

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