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Part time Cabin Crew courses in the UK

The role of air cabin crew is as important as a pilot. They are responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers on board. Besides serving meals and refreshments, air cabin crew are trained to deal with emergency and security situations, and respond to passenger queries in a timely manner. 

Every airline aims to hire a cabin crew that offers the best in-flight customer service to passengers on both short-haul and long-haul routes. As air cabin crew are the brand advocates of an airline, they ensure that the passengers have a safe and pleasant flying experience. 

Most airlines expect their cabin crew to undertake certain courses when they are qualified for the job. The varied range of courses demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm in the job. 


Top part-time crew courses in the UK

With the aviation industry expanding worldwide and numerous airline companies operating within and beyond the UK, there’s always a huge demand for the air cabin crew. Aspiring candidates enroll in different cabin crew courses that take different lengths of duration to complete; some may take two days while others may take several months to finish. 

The following are some of the best part-time courses for cabin crew.


  1. Airline cabin crew

There are many colleges and online training centers offering this course. London Waterloo Academy is the main course provider offering even part-time classes to aspiring students. It’s a ten-week course that prepares students with all the necessary tools and information to be successful in their career as air cabin crew. The airline cabin crew course is developed as per the standards of EASA PART-CC. 

Upon completion of the course, students attain certifications in Current Airline Training Standards and Equipment, British Airways, or TUI certificates in SEP training. 


  1. Air cabin crew

The best place for this course is Heathrow Aviation academy which offers a two-day intensive course in training aspiring candidates to get work in top-notch airlines in the UK. To qualify for the course, the students should be at least 18 years of age and have completed their secondary school education.

The course is aimed to prepare students for the aviation industry and help them in the selection process for prestigious airlines. It involves visual, verbal, as well as practical training of students to enhance their learning experience. Once the course is complete; the best student receives the Air Cabin Crew Award. 


  1. Cabin Crew & Airport Operations

Offered at numerous places, this course is highly referred for training at University College Birmingham. This one-year college course helps the students to have hands-on experience with customer service skills by offering them a fantastic travel experience. 

Through the course, students can learn:

  • How to manage a safe flight

  • Prepare the cabin 

  • Perform all the safety procedures 

  • Get passengers aboard 

  • Deal with emergency situations

The course also helps you land your first cabin crew job and provide opportunities for further career progression in the aviation industry. 


  1. Air Cabin Crew Level 2

This one-year diploma is ideal for those who are new to the aviation industry. Offered by London South East College, it’s a City and Guilds Level 2 diploma aimed at students who develop their knowledge and skills for the role of air cabin crew. 

The programme provides a broad background of the aviation sector as well as the vocational skills required for the aviation sector. What students learn is 

  • Understanding of airline operations

  • Aircraft emergency procedures

  • Role of the cabin crew

  • Room duties of cabin crew


  1. Air Cabin Crew & Ground Operations Level 2

The course provides exciting opportunities for a career in the airline industry. This two-term programme is offered at Bournemouth & Poole College. Upon completion of the course, the students can seek employment as air cabin crew as well as ground crew. 

Air Cabin Crew & Ground Operations Level 2 diploma is equivalent to 5 GCSEs and is internationally recognised in the aviation industry. The candidates must be 17 years or above of age. Subjects to be reviewed by students include;

  • Level 2 Food Safety

  • First Aid at Work

  • Food and Drink Service VRQ2

  • Onboard and on ground Safety and Emergency procedures 


  1. Cabin Crew – Level 2

This level 2 qualification takes the duration of 17 weeks to complete. The candidates have the opportunity to study part-time in the evenings at City of Westminster College. Besides studying, the students can benefit from the training facility which includes a mock-up cabin. The course offers a detailed guide on six units:

  • Airline health, safety & security

  • Cabin service - selling techniques

  • Making passenger announcements on board

  • Working as Cabin Crew

  • Dealing with passengers on board

Upon completion of the course, the students can expect to become team members of British Airways or some other airline crew. 


Frequently asked questions:

Can you be a part-time cabin crew?

There are part-time opportunities to work as cabin crew; however, they still involve unsocial hours. You may be working early mornings or through the weekend and even on public holidays. For short-haul flights, there are more regular working hours but on long-haul flights work, hours are unsocial and irregular. 

How much does a cabin crew training cost in the UK?

The aviation industry is always in search of highly skilled employees and acquiring the skills requires recurrent training sessions. The training cost of cabin crew through a third-party agent is approximately £1,800. For training, candidates also have to cover their living and accommodation costs. 

How long is a cabin crew course in the UK?

The length of the cabin crew course depends on the airline. In British Airways, the cabin crew course is 4 to 6 weeks long and includes studies for Cabin Crew Attestation. This training includes all the theory and general procedures related to airline safety. CAA is only valid for 5 years and has to be revalidated through recurrent training sessions. 

What qualifications do you need to be cabin crew in the UK?

You don’t necessarily need a foundation or postgraduate degree to become an air cabin crew. However, there are certain qualifications you must possess;

  • A minimum of secondary education with Grade 4 or above in Maths and English

  • A degree in the following areas can be asked by some employers: hospitality management, languages, leisure and tourism management, travel

  • Vocational qualifications awarded by either of the three; City & Guilds, Pearson, Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)

Where can I study cabin crew in the UK?

Many aspiring students join colleges that offer cabin crew courses. In the UK, some of the best colleges to get trained include London Waterloo Academy, British School of Aviation, and Heathrow Aviation Academy.