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Top places to train as cabin crew in the UK


The UK is home to some of the best colleges that offer cabin crew courses. The nation boasts of an established and vibrant aviation industry whose future is predictable. 

Because of the many airline companies that operate within the UK and beyond, many young people are interested in joining colleges to train and get cabin crew jobs. The courses take different durations to complete, with some taking only two days and others several months. The following are some of the best places to train.


London Waterloo Academy 

London Waterloo Academy is a leading airline cabin crew course provider in the UK. The course takes only ten weeks to complete, with the students attending one lesson per week. The intensive course prepares students with all the important information and tools they need to succeed in job hunting. 

According to the administration, at least 98 percent of students who enroll in the academy get jobs after completing the course. Those who cannot get jobs fast get assisted and they soon get employed. Students who lack tuition money can apply for a loan to fund their courses. 

To join the college, you need to have studied the English language B2 level or above. Students who haven’t attained the B2 level can apply for Aviation English course in the same college. Classes start at 10 am and end at 5 pm. 

Payments include a £300 registration fee and £829 tuition fee payable in installments but the student has to complete payment within the training period. The college alumni are invited to share with students real job experiences and the best study tips for aviation students


British School of Aviation 

British School of Aviation offers several aviation courses to both local and international students. The school trains aviation engineers, pilots, drone operators, and cabin crew. Students can join the college as fresh candidates seeking to train and become cabin crew. 

The school also accepts students who want to train but are already working with an airline company. The airline company pays for their fees. The third category of students is those who have already trained and are working as cabin crew but want to advance their course. 

Admission requirements for all student categories are mandatory age of 18 years and above, be physically fit, know how to swim, be medically fit, good in customer service, be computer literate and good in basic mathematics, learn to focus, and be ready to be in uniform full time. 

The best way to build the foundation of your future life is to join a good college and study hard until you graduate. The process of joining college is not very simple because you must first apply to join several colleges and then wait to see which one you will qualify for.

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The College International 

The College International offers cabin crew and ground operations courses to students in the UK and beyond. The intensive course takes six months to complete and is offered on a full-time basis. Students who graduate can work as airline cabin crew, ground operations support team, or work in cruise ships and luxury trains. 

Students who wish to join the college must be 18 years old and above and have IELTS 5.5 qualification or its equivalent. The school accepts other qualifications and you need to find out with the school if your qualification is acceptable. The tuition fee is £6,500, excluding accommodation, airport transfer fee, and weekend meals. 


Heathrow Aviation Academy

Heathrow Aviation Academy helps aspiring cabin crew employees get the necessary training to help them work in the competitive airline industry. The training takes only two days and students get ready to join the job market. 

The 2-day course costs £288 and can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. The student must include transfer charges before submitting the payment. To join the college, you must have completed at least a secondary school education and be good in the English language and mathematics. 

The minimum entry age is 18 years and you must have a clean medical and criminal record. Students pursuing undergraduate degrees in tourism management, travel, customer service, and hospitality management can easily quality as cabin crew. 


City of Westminster College

City of Westminster College cabin crew course is offered every Thursday evening between 6 pm to 9 pm. The 17-week course covers every piece of information a student needs to know concerning the cabin crew job. Students get a level 2 certificate after completing the six units. The total cost for the course is £630. 



Demand for cabin crew is high even as more airline companies join the competitive aviation industry. Students who desire to become cabin crews in the various airline companies around the world can get trained to qualify for hire.

The UK and specifically London have many colleges that offer cabin crew training and most students who join the colleges get jobs fast. It is important to be good in spoken and written English before you apply for admission. 


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