By Andy Vevers 16 Jun 2023 6 min read

My journey to an Aircraft Maintenance Technician so far!

Recently, we spoke to Corina Rivera, a Aircraft Maintenaince Technician from Ecuador. She talks about how her aviation journey began, where it has taken her and also the challenges that she has faced in her career.


Where did your aviation journey begin?

My passion for aviation began when I was a child. I usually went to Latacunga's Airport to see aircrafts with my dad. We never travelled in aircraft because we do not have money but we enjoyed seeing aircrafts take off. Then when I was in high school my dad's friend, who is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, told me about the profession and at that moment I knew that it was my way but sometimes, things are not like we think, in my case, I think God has the control of my life so when I was 18, I had a son. At that moment, everybody said to me that aviation is not a profession for a person with my family, I was so sad and I took away my dream for approximately 4 years, then when my dad passed away I realise I can do everything I think, he always said to me "Never say, I can't".


Where has your aviation journey taken you?

In 2016, I enrolled in the University to study Aircraft Maintenance until 2019, I finished my career as one of the best students, and in 2021 I obtained my Aircraft Maintenance Technician License. I did internships in Alas de Socorro of Ecuador, where I learned a lot about Cessna aircrafts with excellent professionals who were so patient and the best teachers for me; then I was in Petroamazonas EP, it was so different because I only knew small aircrafts and in that opportunity, I could see big aircrafts so closely for the first time, it was amazing, the best experience that I had in my life

In 2019, I obtained my first job as a Maintenance assistant in Aerokashurco, in Shell, aviation in the Amazon Region is wonderful and so difficult too, in that time i assist in general maintenance scheduled and unscheduled, refueling and also I was the Maintenance Manager assistant, I learned about technical documentation and records, certifications, manual and other and with the time i got a promotion and I was Continued Airworthiness Responsible.


What challenges did you face?

During those years, the way isn't easy, because aviation is a field in which there are more men than women, and usually you can hear that "it is not a profession for women", "if you have a family you can't work again", and something like that, sometimes being young and women is a big disadvantage but you always have to think that we can do all things that we want, independently of someone's opinions. Women also are capable of taking our wings and flying too!

Now, I am having a break because of my family but I am looking for a new opportunity in any place around the world. I hope, in the future, I can tell you more about myself from a new job.