By DebbieH 09 Apr 2021 7 min read

What does SEO mean for an aviation company?


Even being a strictly regulated structure, aviation still needs marketing approaches to promote its transportation services. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is only one of the possible strategies to encourage an aviation company online; however, a well-developed SEO strategy opens up many additional and quite beneficial opportunities.

So, let’s find out why SEO matters for an aviation company and what benefits it may offer to an air transportation business.


Higher Reach

The first benefit of SEO implementation is an airline’s ability to be found in organic search results. This is also the most crucial advantage, because at this stage, the user, firstly, has a clear intention to buy a ticket to a certain destination (or at least find out the cost). Secondly, it is an excellent opportunity to lure the user into your sales funnel.

What’s more, a smart SEO strategy from Google’s perspective allows you to reach the maximum number of users, taking into account not only their search intent but also their previous online behaviour. Plus, a multilingual SEO approach is the best way to reach users in all directions your company flies to.

Thus, when creating an SEO strategy to promote your aviation company, make sure to use the purchase-specific keywords (like “buy an airline ticket to…”). “It is crucial to ensure reaching out to users from different countries, and reinforce your website positions with the help of guest posting services,” shares Jacqueline Martin, a content strategist at Adsy.



The pandemic has made competition between airlines stronger than ever, forcing companies to reduce prices to economically reasonable levels, provide more travel bonuses and take data-driven route optimization opportunities seriously.

And nevertheless, SEO promotion is quite capable of improving your position against competitors’ background. The first goal in this task is to get to the top of Google search results. How to do it?

To achieve this goal, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will cover social media, blogging, email marketing, SEO, and instant messengers.


Lead Generation

SEO is also good for generating qualified leads; however, to make this approach work, your website should appear on the first page of search results. In this case, when a user who found you on his own initiative comes to your site and starts a search, you can use a lead magnet, for example, using an Exit-Intent Popup.

In simple words, at the moment when the user intends to leave the website, you can offer them to subscribe to the price update. That is a simple way of acquiring a prospect’s email, and secondly, increases the likelihood of a purchase, if the price will become more affordable.

What’s more, even email alone has value because you can add a user to your marketing newsletter and subtly invite them to consider available directions, stay up to date with news and promotions, and so on.



You can also use cookies on your site to analyse users’ experience and behaviour attracted to your site through SEO. These data-driven insights will be handy in personalising your marketing strategies and offering each potential traveller precisely what they expect

Plus, behavioural insights can be used as part of demand analysis, which means you can optimise routes and cut costs during these difficult times for transportation services.


Building Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a combination of many factors, and the ability to both find a brand online and quickly close a deal is one of the keys to a good reputation in the market.

Plus, companies that are at the top of Google’s search results are subconsciously perceived as entirely reliable, since Google indexes websites based not only on their semantic core but also on users’ real behaviour. This means that sites on the first page of the search deserve to be trusted.

Hint! In order to get to the top of search results faster, strengthen your SEO strategy with paid advertising on Google. This is called search engine marketing (SEM), and it’s a pretty effective way to quickly get large numbers of users to your airline’s website, generate a lot of leads, and show Google good behavioural factors.

Plus, such ad campaigns have very flexible settings and allow you to consider many specific details, showing your ad only to interested users.



Thus, SEO remains one of the main ways to fight for users’ attention online, and this method will live as long as search engines are alive. In this challenging time for aviation, we suggest taking one more look at your digital marketing approach and making sure you are putting in enough effort to get your site ranked well in the SERPs.

Sooner or later, air traffic will be restored to its previous volume, and then a well thought out and already implemented SEO strategy can become one of your significant advantages.


Article submitted by Marie Barnes. Marie Barnes is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.