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Strategies to succeed: The FlyGosh pilot secrets e-book


Pilot, coach and blogger Andy Yeap has clocked up a wealth of aviation experience and has now written a comprehensive downloadable guide to becoming a pilot, called FlyGosh Pilot Secrets. Tapping into years of flying and industry knowledge Yeap’s aim is to help others secure a job in the current challenging economy.

His view is that aviation jobs are difficult to secure, so taking a very structured approach to launching and developing your career is vital. The book is broken into four modules covering how to get started/personal attitude; CV; interviews; and networking. The only difference between success and failure is action, is his central message.

Yeap says that by writing the e-book, he will find good people to work with, and learn more himself, as well as inspiring others to make their pilot dreams a reality.
“I strongly believe that I can learn more about myself by teaching others,” he says. “I am also interested to learn more about what people in my industry are struggling with, which helps me to become a better pilot, coach and mentor.”

He adds: “Over the years, I have found it tremendously fun working with like-minded and motivated people, in the industry I love. My ultimate goal is to find stars. I’m looking for unique and special people, who bring passion to the world and share my belief that in helping others, you help yourself.”

The e-book covers

Module 1 – Introduction and Attitude

In this module I will share with you the mindset required to succeed and you will learn :

  • The right attitude and mindset (Get this wrong and half the battle is already lost)
  • Actions required for success
  • Where and how to start applying for jobs
  • How to identify the right airline company
  • Should you pay for type rating and which rating should you choose?
  • How do you get a job without paying and be fully sponsored

Module 2 – Resume

I am sure you have sent hundreds or even thousands of resumes and you either did not receive any response or what you get are all rejections. In this module we will cover :

  • How you can get your application noticed and not end up in the recycle bin
  • Mistakes to avoid and end up losing the opportunity
  • Tips on writing a proper resume which will stand out

Module 3 – Interview

If you think that by going to an interview and all you need to do is study and answer everything correctly especially the technical questions, you are dead wrong. I will teach you :

  • How to perform well during your interview
  • How to make the interviewer like you
  • What should you prepare for the interview
  • How to make sure that you stand out compared to the rest

Module 4 – Networking and Building Connections

This is by far the MOST important module as it will determine whether you will get the job or not. I am sure everyone has heard of the saying “It’s NOT what you know but WHO you know”. So pay close attention to this final module.

  • How to build your connections
  • How do you get the airline to work with you
  • Mistakes to avoid that can kill the relationship that you work very hard to build
  • How to get other people to help you
  • How to create your OWN opportunity

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