By DebbieH 01 Sep 2019 5 min read

Employees at Delta Airlines receive 4% pay rise


Reports from One Mile At A Time say that employees at Delta Airlines will receive a 4% pay rise.

CEO Bastian circulated a letter in which the airline announce the pay rise for a large number of employees at the airline. 

The details of the letter were as follows:

We’re heading into Labor Day weekend, the final days of a very busy summer. I want to thank every member of the Delta family for your incredible dedication and professionalism during the busiest travel season in Delta’s history. I want to share some good news about our investments in you and how we plan to support you even more in the time ahead.

Despite the record passenger volumes, airport construction in key hubs and difficult weather, you delivered operational reliability this summer at a level our customers have come to expect and love about Delta. Because of the success you continue to create, I’m happy to announce a 2019 pay increase, effective October 1. In addition, we expect this year’s Profit Sharing Day will be even better than last year’s.

As to the much-deserved pay increases, effective October 1, 2019:

  • Ground and flight attendant scale employees worldwide will receive a 4 percent base pay increase at all steps of the pay scale, other than some international employees covered by an industry, government or collective bargaining agreement
  • Eligible merit employees worldwide will participate in a 4 percent merit pool

While I’m proud of our success, I know that it’s been an intense year and a particularly long, hard summer. Maintaining our performance levels with record loads has put a strain on everyone and stressed our people and resources. Our dedication and stamina can only carry us so far.

We know we pushed the operation and our teams harder than expected this summer. Just as important as your pay raise, we need to make additional investments to improve the tools and resources needed to deliver an even better product and service for our customers. We will be making needed investments to improve a range of areas, including staffing, catering, equipment — everything from wheelchairs to GSE — and front-line leadership development among others.

Your divisional leaders will provide more details in the weeks ahead, but we want to continue hearing your feedback and ideas on what we can fix and investments that can be made. Please keep identifying those stress points that need to be addressed. And always remember that when it comes to safety, you are empowered to slow or stop the operation in order to protect yourself, your colleagues and our customers.

Leading the Delta family as your CEO is a great honor, and I will always work to support you as we continue our journey together. Thank you for all you do and congratulations on all you have achieved.

Employees across the board who are paid based on ground and flight attendant scales will receive the increase in base pay. While it does exclude the some flight attendants and ground employees who are covered by industry, government or collective bargaining agreements, the majority should see pay increases. Beyond that, merit employees will participate in a four percent merit pool for increased pay.

This is a positive time to be an employee at Delta, who are also hiring additional flight attendants for the class of 2020. 

In his letter, Bastian continued to say that profit sharing is expected to improve from 2018. 

Delta has one of the best records for operations of major United States airlines.

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