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What can I expect from flight school?



We recently caught up with ex Airbus A320 First Officer for Wizz Air to discover the story of their career. We delved into their time at flight school, the challenges they faced during this time, the pilot jobs market, and their career highlights so far.

How long have you been a pilot?

For more than 9 years now! 5 years of those years were as a first officer on the Airbus A320. The remaining time was as a flight instructor and various aerial jobs.


Did you always want to be a pilot?

Yes, since early childhood.


Where did you train to become a pilot?

First, in the University of Zilina as part of an integrated ATPL course. Then, I went to various flight schools to complete my modular CPL IR ME training.

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Why did you pick this institution?

It was the best choice at that time.


What was your experience of flight school?

For theoretical knowledge it was okay, but the practical training was rather outdated.


What advice would you give to students considering which flight school to choose?

Look at all of the hard evidence – firstly, who is teaching you? Ask to see their papers because there are many frauds who like to bend the truth.


What was the most difficult part about flight school?

Unprofessionalism – on many levels.


Training to become a pilot is notoriously expensive. How did you fund it?

I had my parents to help me so I was very lucky!


What advice would you give to aspiring pilots who are concerned about funding flight school?

If you work really hard, you will find your way.


Tell us about your first flight. What aircraft was it and how did you feel?

It was a Czech made Zlin 142 and it was very nice! I did most of it under supervision but it is still a great memory! 


Did you do anything in particular to prepare yourself for your first flight? Have you got any advice for how to manage this?

Yes, I got familiar with the AFM, the checklists, and the flows connected to individual flight phases. I also memorised the locations of the switches on the ground in the aircraft.



What are your thoughts about the future of your profession?

I’m looking forward to the future – if you are well prepared, and good in what you do, you will be able to show it.


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