By Jennifer Cairns 18 Oct 2022 7 min read

Top flight schools in the UK

The aviation industry is quite lucrative –having a fundamental role in the growth of the economy. It supports transport, tourism, and even the military. Since it’s a high priority sector, countries ensure that aviation professionals receive the best training. The UK has some of the best flight schools in the world where the students receive excellent training along with the best possible education. 

Those enrolled at different flight schools in the UK have a competitive advantage over others in the sense that they are taught using more than 100 years of flight history. Authorities in the UK thoroughly obey these lessons, in addition to them being instilled into the minds of students.

When getting admission in a flight school, keep in mind that a degree isn’t necessary. For those who’ve never flown a plane, yet they want to become a pilot, it requires at least 1.5 years to fulfil their dream. A modular option is also available for those who want to work while studying. This is a two-year part time programme. Becoming a pilot requires major financial commitment. It’s a lot of investment you have to put in to become a pilot but the financial rewards enjoyed by the pilot jobs are much satisfying. On average, the price to pay for a flight school may range from £70,000 to £120,000. 

List of top flight schools for pilots 

There are a number of aviation flight schools in the UK that teach you best practices including safety and in-flight hospitality. Therefore, those aspiring to become pilots can get admitted to a high quality flight school with outstanding pilot jobs employment rates. 

Bristol Groundschool is a top class ATPL theory provider located in Clevedon, UK. With over 24years of experience in pilot ground school education, this pilot school has a great student outcome and has established a good repute for itself. 


CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

No one teaches flight history better than a UK based flight school. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy began teaching and training pilots in 1963. They have established connections with the major operating airlines. In addition to this, they also offer modular and highly integrated training to pilots. 

FTA Global

Flying Time Aviation, located at Brighton City Airport offers both modular as well as integrated training programs to aspiring pilots. DA42 and Diamond DA40 are both operated by the flight school. FTA offers an innovative, airline oriented ATPL program. They offer professional pilots who are ambitious at flying. 

VA Airline Training

Due to its consistent high standards, VA Airline Training is well connected with major airlines. It is one of the leading providers of simulator training for individual pilots and airlines. Based in Cambridge, UK, the fight school is an expert in APS MCC training program. They offer competency assurance to trainee pilots by preparing them for airline assessments and interviews. 

Wings Alliance

If you want a cost-effective training that can help you attain EASA certification and UK CAA licence, you should join Wings Alliance. The flight school helps the trainee pilots find their prospective jobs with top class airlines. They offer a Flexible program to students that starts from £47,000. Their Managed program starts from £54,900; additionally, they also offer degree programs and assessment programs. Located in Clevedon, UK, the flight school offers bespoke yet innovative training packages to the next generation commercial pilots. 

Brunel University London

Brunel University offers a standard degree in aviation engineering and pilot studies to the students interested in the aviation industry. Their three-year undergraduate program is highly recommended for aspiring pilots. Graduate students are eligible for professional pilot training. Since Brunel is in close proximity to Heathrow Airport, prospective students get numerous job opportunities in both the commercial and private aviation sector. The university also offers short courses to students for predetermined length of time during the standard program. 

Flight schools cost in UK

In general, most of the flight schools in the UK are expensive. Since the training cost is high, many people find it difficult to get enrolled in a flight school. Depending on the school and career path you choose, the costs vary. Yet, the typical training cost of a pilot can range between £70,000 and £120,000. More advanced your training program is, the more will be the cost of your pilot training. Your career ambitions will decide how far you want to progress as a pilot. 

Frequently asked questions 

Which pilot license is best?

Different types of licences are issued to pilots based on their purpose of use. One of the most advanced certifications obtained by a pilot is airline transport pilot (ATP). It is essential to anyone who wants to be a commercial airline. To qualify as a pilot, an important criteria for a candidate is to obtain an ATP certificate. 

What is the best major airline to fly for as a pilot?

Emirates is the best airline to work with as a pilot. They offer the best work environment where the employees are treated fairly and with respect. They also offer competitive salaries along with great benefits to pilots including transportation and accommodation. The airline not only has a good repute but also excellent working conditions for pilots.

Do I need a 4 year degree to be a pilot?

A degree isn’t necessary to become a pilot, yet having a college degree can help you qualify for your role as a pilot. Many airlines prefer applicants having a degree. This shows their competitiveness and professionalism. However, becoming a commercial pilot requires some certifications and training to get hired for the job.  

What airlines will pay for flight school?

Some of the airlines that pay for your flight school include SkyWest Airlines and GoJet Airlines from the US. In the UK, British Airways offers scholarships to pilots getting their training in flight schools. Moreover, Emirates and Qantas also offer various scholarships to students that cover their tuition fee at flight schools.

Do you get paid during pilot training?

Besides being paid the hourly wage rate, pilots often receive a stipend when they are training. Though the allowance received is quite low, it covers their meal costs along with other incidentals accrued by the pilots. Any layover expense of the pilot is also paid by the airline.