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5 must follow pilots on Instagram in 2020


We recently caught up with private pilot, Kevin Vandenboss, to discover the 5 pilots you must follow on Instagram in 2020. This is what he said:

“Pilots are becoming the new stars of Instagram, and it’s no wonder with the incredible views that can only be seen from the cockpit at 36,000 feet, and the new places they find themselves every day. Not to mention, pilot jobs are one of the most fascinating types of jobs, which almost every kid wanted at some point.

Many aspiring pilots also find these social media influencers as an excellent resource with regular training and career tips, and a real look at the daily life of a pilot.

If you want to ride along in the cockpit of some of the greatest jets ever built and view the world from the greatest seat on earth, you must follow these top five pilot influencers on Instagram.


Maria Fagerström – Who knew the pilot life could be so glamorous?


Maria is an airline pilot from Sweden, who spends her time in the captain’s seat of a Boeing 737-800.

Maria gives her followers a taste of what it takes to be a pilot by sharing videos from the Mr. and Mrs. Pilot YouTube channel she hosts with her partner and fellow pilot, Viktor Fors.


Ryan Tseko – Nobody has more fun in the cockpit


Ryan’s pilot career is a dream come true for aspiring pilots. After spending years flying for the airlines, Ryan is now the captain of one of the world’s most coveted aircraft, the Gulfstream G550, as the corporate pilot for Grant Cardone.

Not only do his followers get to experience how much fun the corporate pilot life is, they also get an inside look at how fortunes are made in real estate.


Patrick Biedenkapp – The original pilot influencer


The 32 year old pilot from Berlin will make just about anyone want to sign up for flight school to become a pilot after checking out his Instagram account.

Patrick takes full advantage of the places he gets to travel as his followers get to see him exploring Athens, relaxing on the beach in Australia, or any number of the places he gets to spend his layovers.

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Pilot Lindy – Follow along as she advances her pilot career


The 25 year old pilot out of Sicily can’t get enough of the sky. If she’s not flying in her Boeing 717, there’s a good chance you’ll find her flying around in a single-engine Socata TB9, a Robinson 44 helicopter, or anything she can get her hands on that flies.

She loves flying so much she wants to help out anyone else that dreams of being a pilot by regularly posting advice on flight training.


Anas Amireh – A childhood dream come true


The 37 year old pilot from Jordan has only ever had one goal in life, which was to follow in his father’s footsteps to being a pilot. As the captain of one of the largest commercial aircraft in the world, the Airbus A350, Anas made his dream come true.

His followers get to shadow him on his job as he takes them through pre-flight checklists, safety procedures, and tricky landings.


These five pilot Instagram influencers provide something for anyone with a love for aviation. Whether you’re just thinking about starting flight school, working your way through your ratings, advancing your pilot career, or just want to catch the best views in the world, these five pilots on Instagram are worth a follow.”


Who is Kevin Vandenboss?

Kevin is a private pilot and has previously worked in a sales role for private jet charters. Kevin is a real estate investment writer, and likes to break his time up writing by getting in some aviation related articles simply because it’s what he likes learning more about, thinking about, and writing about.