By Jennifer Cairns 26 Apr 2023 7 min read

Life as an Airline Pilot, Instructor and Mentor at easyJet

My name is Vasilije and I am a First Officer with easyJet.


Where did the dream start for you?

My first taste of aviation was through the Air Cadets where I spent about three years. I was very fortunate to complete a Gliding Scholarship with them alongside other activities. I would strongly recommend this route for anyone in their early education that is interested in aviation. You will also gain valuable transferable skills and make friends for life.


What were your next steps?

I studied Aviation Technology and Management at Leeds University which provided me with a solid understanding of the industry. I completed my flight training on an easyJet MPL course with CAE and started flying as a First Officer in 2018.

I since logged over 2500 hours of cockpit time and operated to more than 80 airports across three continents. I love flying the Airbus A320 because it is designed with pilots in mind and is highly intuitive to operate.

The views from 39,000 feet are absolutely fantastic and never get old. The best part about the job is meeting new people and learning from each other’s stories.

The lack of flying during lockdown led me to pursue a second career as a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor. I teach a range of ATPL subjects including Meteorology, Navigation, Communications and more. It is great to have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience to future generations. 

I have trained more than 600 cadets so far and some of them have started their first airline jobs already. It is really rewarding to see my students progress from no experience to successful professionals. The demand for pilots picked up significantly and most are able to find jobs quickly.

I recently started a new role as a Safety Pilot which involves investigating Safety Reports with the aim of preventing accidents. I really enjoy this role because it gives me the opportunity to work with colleagues from other departments and get a behind the scenes look at our operation.

Most airlines have opportunities you can pursue alongside flying such as training or recruitment if this is of interest to you.

I hope my story will inspire others to follow a career in the aviation industry. Until then, you will hear from me over the PA.

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