By Jennifer Cairns 24 Nov 2022 7 min read

Full Funded LEAP & FI Course with Leading Edge Aviation

We spoke with Andy McFarlane, CEO of Leading Edge Aviation, about their new fully funded LEAP & FI course. Andy covers what is included in the course, the financial barriers for Pilot training, what Leading Edge Aviation are hoping to achieve from this and how you can apply...


"At Leading Edge Aviation, we are passionate about all things aviation. We are excited to offer an innovative opportunity to individuals who have the aptitude and attitude to become excellent pilots, but who simply may not have the opportunity to do so due to the cost of pilot training. This programme will deliver exceptional Pilot jobs and outstanding future Flight Instructors. The concept of employing the very highest calibre graduates as Flight Instructors is a well-recognised strategy amongst air forces and commercial airlines worldwide. For each of the 6 successful candidates this is worth in excess of £115,000 in training fees plus the guarantee of pilot jobs. An opportunity not to be missed."


How will this help those who have experienced a financial barrier for Pilot training?

"Funding over £100,000 training is such a massive barrier for so many people.Probably 70 - 80% of the population couldn't afford it. There have been airline schemes in the past that funded it or underwrote the cost of training but certainly in the UK, and mostly in Europe, there are very very few of those. So, we elected to try and find something different and see what we can do. We know there's lots of people out there with the burning ambition and a massive ability but just no way they can afford £100,000. So, we thought 'let's see if we can put it together and what we can achieve'".


What is actually covered in the training?

"Our combined LEAP & FI course is fully funded. But initially for the selection process, we are charging £300, just to cover our own costs as we're bringing in current airline recruiters for them to perform an independent assessment, rather than it be just our team itself. All you pay for is your initial skills assessment and if successful, day-to-day living costs. All your course fees and accommodation are covered by us during your training, and you are supported all the way by our comprehensive training guarantee. A £300 investment for the potential of gaining the full course for a £100,000 return, it's pretty good value we think."


What are you hoping to achieve from the course?

"There are two things: I would have never gotten into aviation if it hadn't been for the air force, my parents would have never been able to afford it. We know there's people out there with the passion, the drive and the ability, but without the ability to afford it. We also know there's going to be a Pilot shortage. Every time there's been a shortage of Pilots, there's been a shortage of instructors. So, we're sort of killing two birds with one stone; giving the opportunity for young aspiring Pilots to get into this profession who wouldn't have been able to afford it, and filling a hole we're going ot have in a few years time for instructors."


"Once qualified, your role within the family will change as you become a fully qualified Flight Instructor at our Alhama campus with a guaranteed minimum 2 year bonded contract."

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