By Jennifer Cairns 14 Nov 2022 3 min read

Flight simulator ins and outs

Do you need some flying practice? Assessment coming up? Getting rusty? Then read on...


Flight Simulators Midlands was established over 10 years ago at Coventry airport by Captain Chris Rigby after retiring from full time flying. Chris has worked for several airlines from BA to TUI, easyJet to Ryanair and a few more along the way, in various pilot jobs, training roles and fleet manager slots.

FSM offer professional pilots a low-cost opportunity to get back up to speed and prepare for forthcoming interviews. With one of the only 747 simulators in the country, FSM have done many successful assessment preparations for pilot jobs candidates going to BA for their assessment rides.

The team is headed up by a BA 747 captain who was on their selection team for over 20 years. Other successful candidates have progressed to Cathay, Virgin, Jet2, TUI and a host more on the 747, 737 or A320. FSM have also recently introduced a new course, specifically aimed at newly qualified pilots and those who have been made redundant and who have been sitting around awaiting the call for their first interview. Many have not flown for up to 2 years and are understandably forgetting what they learnt in their training or past career. Skills fade is a common problem even for experienced pilots who have not flown for a while. The Core Skills Development & MCC Refresher Course takes place over 2 days and involves 4 hours minimum of classroom briefing and 8 hours of simulator. This is done ideally in pairs as an operating crew. Our first candidates have just been processed and ready for the outside world again.

FSM are also happy to dry hire their simulators, a 747, 737 and A320 to enable qualified pilots to practice at minimal cost. The simulators are not licensed which allows FSM to offer them out at a fraction of the cost of level D simulators elsewhere – even if you can find one free.