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9 Perks of working as an airline pilot


Pilots are regarded as nothing short of superheroes, not only do they manoeuvre immense apparatus that connects us to the rest of the world, but they also keep us safe in the process.

They’re hugely respected and let’s be honest, their uniforms are very cool. If you’re curious about what other perks pilots get, keep reading! 


The pay

Let’s not beat around the bush, when picking a career or applying for pilot jobs, the pay is definitely a deciding factor. It is no secret that pilots get paid very generously, and the more time and experience you gain in the industry, the better the pay gets. Experienced pilots often generate six-figure incomes, with great responsibility comes great reward!


The travel

If you’ve got itchy feet and yearn to discover the world, being a pilot is probably the best and most affordable way to do it. Not only do pilots get to fly to every corner of the world, but oftentimes they receive a few days break to discover whichever location they’re in, before flying the next plane back. The airline usually covers expenses such as accommodation and return flights should they need them.


Travel passes for family and friends

Whilst every airline has a different policy, it is common for family and friends of pilots to be able to travel for free with employee issues travel passes. This means pilots can take their families or friends on a big holiday for a fraction of the price it would cost the average person. If you don’t want to become a pilot, consider marrying one!

Also, even after pilots have retired, they usually have free travel for themselves and their near and dear for their entire lifetimes. This means that if after a life working as a pilot you still haven’t seen enough of the world, you can keep on traveling without breaking the bank!


Great employment packages and retirement plans

Once again, every airline has a different policy, however, for most pilots the benefits package that comes with their employment is unmatched. Being well insured against accidents, sickness and bereavement are becoming more and more important, and having the peace of mind of a stable retirement plan is a huge perk. 

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A rewarding career

Being an airline pilot and being in charge of a plane full of hundreds of people is a huge responsibility, but also a very rewarding job. Knowing that you’re getting people from A to B, where they may be reunited with family, starting a new life, discovering their world, and fulfilling their travel dreams is an honour and makes overcoming the challenges completely worth it!


Flexible schedule

Pilot schedules are famously flexible. Whilst it may take some time to reach the level of seniority to choose your flights and work your schedule, most pilots reach this stage relatively early on and can get up to two free weeks every month to dedicate to their passions, hobbies, families, and anything else they want!


In demand

Finishing your qualifications and not being able to find a job is not a problem for pilots. There’s a world shortage of qualified applicants. Not only is finding a job a lot easier, but it is also very unlikely to lose that job or get paid unfairly for it, which is commonplace in many other industries. 


A unique line of work

The job of a pilot is unlike any other. Many pilots get a sense of freedom and power that very few other professions can provide. Being a very well respected member of society whilst having the world as your oyster must be a fantastic feeling!


Children look at you in awe

Some think this sounds a bit silly, but it’s remarkable to be an inspiration to the younger generations. Children always feel excited to see the pilot board the plane and even take a peek inside the cockpit. 

Whilst every job out there has its perks, a career as an aviation pilot has a lot more pros than it does cons. If you’re interested in the possibility of becoming a pilot yourself, get in touch with your local flight school!


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