By Andy Vevers 22 Nov 2023 3 min read

Wings Over the Windy City: Popular Aviation Job Roles in Illinois

Illinois, with its iconic city of Chicago and diverse industrial landscape, presents unique opportunities for aviation professionals. Here are some of the most popular aviation job roles in the Land of Lincoln:


1. O'Hare International Airport (ORD): O'Hare's status as a major international airport creates a demand for roles such as Airline Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, and Airport Manager. The fast-paced environment at ORD opens doors to a variety of exciting aviation careers.


2. Rockford's Aerospace Cluster: Rockford's focus on aerospace manufacturing invites roles like Aerospace Engineer, Aircraft Production Manager, and Quality Assurance Specialist. This region plays a crucial role in the aerospace supply chain, offering specialized opportunities.


3. Peoria's General Aviation Scene: Peoria's emphasis on general aviation creates openings for roles like Private Pilot, Charter Pilot, and Aircraft Maintenance Technician. If you're passionate about smaller aircraft and personalized aviation services, Peoria provides a unique niche.


Whether you're aiming for the high-stakes world of major airports, the precision of aerospace manufacturing, or the personalized realm of general aviation, Illinois offers a diverse array of aviation job roles to match your career goals.


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