By DebbieH 03 Oct 2012 2 min read

What is a flight simulator technician?


The main duty of a flight simulator technician role is to maintain and repair flight training devices in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority requirements and company standards.

Flight simulator technicians will be working under the supervision of a lead technician or supervisor. Essential elements of the job include performing installation of flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) and flight control devices, operation, inspection, regular maintenance, design, modification, repair and testing. These technicians or engineers will also be working with software that runs modern flight simulators, and the associated electronic devices and classroom equipment.

To land a job as a flight simulator engineer you must be familiar with avionics and navigation concepts, flight simulation, aircraft sensors and inertial guidance. Specialist qualifications as a systems engineer, and experience of modeling and simulation are required for this role. It will help to have a solid maths background, and the ability to perform details statistical analysis.



• Maintaining Training Devices to regulatory and company standards, ensuring that devices are ready for training use

• Performing pre-flight tasks

• Performing preventative maintenance functions

• Conducing troubleshooting and corrective maintenance activities on training devices

• Performing training device updates (Software and Hardware)

• Ensuring documentation procedures are completed

• Providing total customer support service, that can include accompanying customers through instructor station training and during dry training operations


Salary expectations

Flight simulator technician jobs are often on short term contracts, and pay is by the hour, currently around £35 to £40 per hour. Permanent jobs in the field of flight simulation pay between £22,000 and £45,000 pa.


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