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Aviation Communications Engineer: Job Description


Modern aviation and air traffic control is unthinkable without the aid of efficiently functioning and highly reliable communication and navigation systems. These systems bear a heavy responsibility for ensuring aviation safety, and designing, installing, operating and maintaining them requires personnel with very specialist skills, not to mention dedication to the job.

People in aviation communication jobs plan, install and maintain avionics communication, navigation, cryptographic, computer, and ancillary systems. These systems are vital to safe flying and so correct installation and in-flight maintenance, as well as supply and maintenance of related support equipment will be vital for all aviation companies. Engineers who have trained to specialise in aviation communication – such as navigation systems, air traffic control and surveillance systems – can work for military air forces, at aerodromes and across private companies offering aviation services.


What are the duties of aircraft communications engineers?

Aircraft communications engineers will typically spend their time dealing with technological problems and maintaining aircraft communication, navigation and ancillary systems.

A lot of the work in aircraft communications jobs involve interpreting layout drawings, schematics, logic, and pictorial diagrams to solve maintenance problems. Work might also include aligning and calibrating operational procedures to ensure optimum operating efficiency. The job also involves analysing data received from testing and troubleshooting procedures, and advising on, or carrying out the necessary repair. The aircraft communications engineer might for instance be repairing receivers, transmitters, digital and voice satellite communications, multiplexing, electronic switching, and radar systems. Work might typically include removing and replacing faulty system wiring, electrical connectors, antennas, transmission lines, and multi-conductor cables. The aircraft communications engineer will adjust, calibrate, and align system components. He or she will also regularly perform pre-flight, in-flight, and post flight duties, as well as reviewing inspection records. In the role of communications engineer it’s vital that teams comply with security directives, and dispose of unwanted electrical materials in the correct manner.


Qualifications for aviation communications jobs

A diploma or degree in electronic and communications engineering is required for these jobs. To qualify for courses in this specialism within engineering it’s probably necessary to have passed school exams in basic electronics, physics and mathematics.


What is the average salary for aviation communications jobs?

Salary for aviation communications jobs ranges from £20,000 pa (US$ 32,500) at entry level to £45,000 pa + (US$ 73,000 pa) with solid experience. 



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