By Beth 09 Sep 2022 7 min read

5 ways to follow up after your job interview

Following up on job status is similar to treading on thin ice. You don’t want to be too pushy or too impolite, yet you don’t want someone else to take your spot.


Unfortunately, when you’re job searching, the hiring period often drags on for weeks as the company has to process a lot of applications and interviews and then finalise the candidate to fill the vacant position. It’s quite frustrating to determine whether you’re in the running or not for the job. 


Many times you feel you’re the perfect fit for the job and are confident that you’ll receive a positive reply from the company. Yet, there is silence on the other side. Therefore, a follow-up becomes mandatory as there are chances that might boost your chances of hiring.


There is no fixed rule for a follow-up, but it is better to wait for a week or two before tracking your job status. Now the question is how to follow up after sending a CV and not ruin your chances of landing the job. This is indeed a tricky part that is often worth doing. 


Write an Email to the HR Manager

Writing an email to the company is the most recommended follow-up. It is appreciated that you write a formal email to the HR manager. Give two weeks’ time to the company so that the manager can share some useful information about the hiring process. Most recruiters indicate that this is the best way to follow your application. If you’re thinking about how to email a recruiter after applying, here’s an easy way to go about it. 


Formally greet the HR manager and add a proper salutation

  • Thank your recruiter for interviewing you 


  • Ask them about the interview status


  • Answer any concerns they have regarding your job


  • Your email should be professional and brief. Make sure the subject line is good and you’re sending the mail on the proper email address. 

Make a Phone Call 

Sometimes using the direct approach is the best you can do for a follow-up. You won’t always get a reply on your email but you can receive instant feedback from the recruiter. Be careful in your conversation; you do not want to sound too desperate. Your tone must be polite and respectful. If you’re choosing to call the HR manager, make sure the time is right. You shouldn’t call in the morning as it’s a busy time in most offices. Schedule your call towards the day's end so that the workload is a little less on the manager. This will leave a lasting impression.


Use Your Network 

Try to search your business contacts and see if you know anyone in the company where you’ve applied. This is the best way to learn about your job status. Whether you have a friend working at the company or someone from your social network, explain to them about the position applied. Depending on your relationship with that contact person, you can also ask for a recommendation to increase your chances of landing a job. You can also share your work details with the connection including your skillset, qualification, work experiences, etc., and offer them your assistance in the future. 

Follow Up Through Social Media

Social media is a huge platform when it comes to making connections with anyone. There are a variety of social media tools that help you connect with the company. For instance, you may use LinkedIn to connect with the HR manager or even the recruiter. Also, follow the company page on Facebook or follow the recruiter on Twitter. You can often receive a lot of information about a company on their social media pages. Many firms post press releases on their social media pages so you can get an update regarding your interview status. However, make sure to wisely select the medium of communication as it can affect your job accordingly. 

Continue Job Seeking While You Wait 

Meanwhile, don’t lose hope and continue the job hunting process. Even if you consider yourself perfect for the applied job, continue to apply for other jobs, in case you’re unable to secure your desired job. Even if you have an impressive resume or are well qualified, this doesn’t mean you’ll end up getting your dream job, but what if you don’t hear back from your recruiter even after the follow-up? You need to take necessary measures to avoid being jobless for long, and for that, you must start job hunting at the right place. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to follow up after applying for a job?

Before doing a follow-up, first, check the date on the job application. If the application status is open, do not make a call or mail. Be professional in asking about your job status. Try to follow the manager or company on social media or other recruitment platforms. Also, during the interview, you can ask the employer when you can expect to hear from them.  


How do you politely ask about your application status?

You can ask about the interview over the phone or by email. When contacting the company, you must greet the HR manager with a proper salutation. Thank him for the interview and then ask him about the interview status. You may answer their concerns if they have any. 


Should you follow up after applying for a job?

If you haven’t heard from the company you applied to, a follow-up is worth sending. Making a call or sending an email has a good impact. However, a follow-up should be made a few days after the interview and you should wait for the company’s response for at least 24 hours. Yet, don’t come out as desperate. 


When should I follow up on a job application?

Once you’ve applied for the job of your interest, you’d definitely want the hiring process to be quick and smooth. However, you should wait for at least 2 weeks once the interview is done. Allowing the time to the company, you’re making sure that they process all the applications and are shortlisting the candidates interviewed. 

How do you ask about job status after the interview?

If you’re doing a follow-up email, you must explain the follow-up regarding the job you were interviewed for. Specify the job title, interview date, etc. Directly ask for an update on the interview status and when shall you be hearing next from them. Lastly, reaffirm how interested you are in the position applied.