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8 tips for helping aviation workers survive the Coronavirus crisis


We recently caught up with Arslan Hassan from Dynamologic Solutions to discover ‘8 Tips for Helping Aviation Workers Survive the Coronavirus Crisis.’ This is what he said:


“The Coronavirus pandemic came as a surprise for the world and brought immensely devastating effects.

Due to the contagious nature of the virus, there have been travel restrictions in many parts of the world since the start of 2020.

These restrictions have affected not only the aviation industry, but also other related industries such as travel, tourism, and retail.

Around 88 million people are directly employed by the aviation industry; these jobs are threatened as air travel remains restricted globally.

Moreover, because of the travel restrictions, the number of passengers has drastically dropped, which is why it was difficult for airlines to manage their revenues and operations as before.

As a result of this, several airlines had to lay off staff, reduce operations, and even declare bankruptcy.


Loss of Jobs Due To the Coronavirus

As per the US Travel Association, the forecasted loss in the US alone is of 5.9 million in travel-related jobs by the end of April, which is equals to a $910-billion hit to the local economy.

If we compare the current situation with historical events, in the 9/11 incident, the flights remained closed for 4 days. After 4 days, people were allowed to travel freely with new measures and security policies.

The current situation is much more different than what the world has seen before as it is a global threat, and the virus has spread around the globe, taking millions of lives. In order to contain the virus, people are advised not to travel at all.

The aviation industry has been significantly affected by the ongoing pandemic and furloughs, pay cuts and unemployment has become one common problem for the aviation staff. To go through these tough times, here are the 8 tips that could help the aviation workers survive these tough times:


Employee Motivation

Although it is a hard time, and it is nearly impossible to stay motivated in this situation, it is still important to remain positive. Achievement is derived through motivation which is why management must work to keep employee morale high.

Most businesses had to lay off their employees just to survive the pandemic, but the employees you have got left must be shown that they are valued.

Management can do so by offering flexible timings, showing support, offering financial and non-financial help, and being fair and honest about the company’s situation.

Market analysis shows that organisations are using the digital landscape to enhance employee engagement during the pandemic.
Through internal digital marketing campaigns and digital communication tools, aviation companies remain in touch with their employees to offer transparent information, updates, and support.

Through internal digital marketing campaigns and digital communication tools, aviation companies remain in touch with their employees to offer transparent information, updates, and support.


Effective Communication

The Coronavirus has brought on uncertainty like never before; employees are unsure whether they are going to have a job next week or not. Therefore, management should ensure clear communication.

On the other end, employees must also keep in touch with their employers. No matter if you are being laid off or furloughed, you must communicate with your employer about the benefits or incentives that you may be able to get.

You might even be able to get support from the government if you file for unemployment rights which is why it is important to communicate the whole situation to the respective departments.

More importantly, you should also stay well connected in your circle to stay aware of the changing situation and what can be done for you and your job.


Stay Positive

The future is uncertain, but there is still hope. Things will eventually get back to normal, which is why aviation workers need to be given hope about the future.

Management must assure them that phase is temporary, and it will pass once the situation goes back to normal.
They must also be assured that the company is doing everything in its prowess to figure out alternative employment opportunities.


Optimum Use of Resources

Domestic flights are restricted, but cargo and freight flights are still operating, which is how the resources can be partially shifted towards other domains.

Airlines need to be flexible in this time and assist their workforce accordingly and use the resources for other purposes that are more in demand.



The airplanes aren’t allowed to fly in most of the countries; however, it isn’t prohibited for the professionals to practice and train. This time can be used to train the workers, including fresh talent.

There are multiple crew members that are grounded right now and to keep them in form; it is essential to take this time as an opportunity to learn and train for the better times.



The airline workers and crew need support the most at this time which is why the airline industry must be there for the employees and provide them benefits in any way they can.

These support programs will keep the individuals motivated for better times and will help them sustain in such a tough time.



It’s been months since the Coronavirus pandemic began, and the aviation sector cannot remain closed forever. Therefore, companies must start researching ways in which they can begin their operations, even partially. It’s possible that things won’t ever be exactly how they were before coronavirus.

Several SOPs, including safe distance, sanitisation, cleanliness, and protection, have been established around the globe, which allows people to interact at a safer distance and through ways that can be safer.

This is why it is important that new mechanisms get established for people to sustain the economy and resume daily life operations.

In a few countries, where the travel ban has been lifted, airlines are working by following strict SOPs for travelling, including Coronavirus tests by the airlines prior to travel.



Most of all, it is important to not lose hope, things will eventually get better, and there will be jobs for those who are currently unemployed.
For the airline industry, there cannot be a lifelong travel ban, so the airline staff needs to be optimistic about the future.



There have been only a few months into the pandemic, but it feels like years which is why we need to focus on all the good things rather than the bad things.

This is a tough time that shall pass, and eventually, people will get settled. With every crisis, there is hope for improvement and a better outlook of employees towards their work.”


Who is Arslan Hassan?

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, A software house in Pakistan.