By DebbieH 04 Dec 2018 6 min read

Good habits for successful employees


Have you ever wondered how you could become more successful in your career? Well if you pick up good habits, like the ones we’ve presented below, you certainly could be.

People who are considered to be accomplished have been practicing their own routines to success for some time now. If you want to progress in your career, follow these simple steps below.


Always think one step ahead

Even when you’re in a job you’re happy with, you have to consider what the next step up will be, and put those steps in place if you’re keen to develop.

Always consider a focus on improving your current skills e.g. do you need to take a course to improve that skill, do you need to spend more time improving on your communication skills? Thinking ahead will help prepare you for the steps ahead if you’re desperate to land your dream job.



Find it difficult to speak to your superiors? This is very common! But unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to get promoted if management doesn’t know that you exist.

To fix this, try and communicate and socialise more at work with them, so they can see the real side to you. This also shows your level of commitment to the role.

Start producing a rapport with them – produce good ideas that you can attach your name to and work on creating a positive relationship. You will never be able to present your ideas confidently to them if you do not communicate. 


Dress for the job you want

We have all heard of the saying ‘dress for the job you want’, which in this situation, you are advised to follow. It certainly has some truth to it.

Many successful employees make an effort to dress professionally for work, and take pride in it. Always be the person who is well presented, it will have a great impression on management.


Listen to others

Listening is one of the most basic skills you can learn at work – and yet so many people do it well. Give others at work your undivided attention – show that you care about what they think.

This helps you to develop stronger relationships with your co-workers, and they will in turn feel much more comfortable speaking with you and sharing their ideas. This is a top skill employers seek and if mastered, will take you all the way to the top. 


Keep track of accomplishments 

The most successful employees are ready to share their wins to show their ability to do the job. Keeping track of data that proves that you have made a difference can make you feel better in yourself and when asked about it, you can present why you are an amazing asset to the company – particularly if you’re heading for a promotion.

In addition, recording data is an easy way to get noticed for your hard work. 



Make time to attend events relevant to your job, so that you can find out more about the skills and strategies other professionals are using to get ahead in their career.

Network with like minded individuals to surround yourself with those who can lift you up. It’s also a great opportunity to get chatting with others at different companies.


Pitch in

Those who want to get ahead usually aren’t shy about having their opinion heard. Why? Because they feel like they have good ideas.

Get involved in nitty gritty projects, offer your advice and be a helping hand in general. Yes, we can all be busy, but if you have wisdom to lend to someone, help them. Being a team player will get you ahead in your career.