By Beth 16 Nov 2022 7 min read

Why become Cabin Crew? The benefits

For those who love flying and travel, being a cabin crew is the right career choice for them. The prestigious job comes with a lot of advantages. Many people are attracted to the luxurious lifestyle of the cabin crew as well as the financial independence it adds to the occupation. 

Since the cabin crew is always on board, they have added responsibility of making the air travel safe and comfortable for the passengers. Different airlines offer different perks to their cabin crew. These perks also depend on the crew member’s designation as well as whether the crew member is working on domestic or international flights. 

Therefore, from enjoying flexible working hours to meeting new people every day to experiencing great things, being a cabin crew member is no doubt one of the best jobs in the world. Here are a few benefits that cabin crew members enjoy. 

  1. Travel the world and get paid for it 

The biggest advantage is that you can travel across the globe. Being a cabin crew member, you can wake up every day to fly someplace new. The best part is that the crew members get to travel free as they serve the passengers on board. Each trip is a paid one. Sometimes the destination you’re travelling to requires a layover so you have to go explore the country or location. 

  1. Free travel and flight opportunities

Travelling is part of the job for the crew members so during the time between flights, they have time to explore new places. Since many airlines allow flight benefits or additional mileage to cabin crew, they can fly for free even when not on duty. There are some airlines that offer discounted tickets to cabin crew of all the airlines. Typically, free flights are offered on standby to the flight attendants.  

  1. Flexible work schedule

Being a crew member is not a typical 9 to 5 job. All airlines want their crew members to rest well in order to have a safe flight. Airlines usually limit the number of hours Cabin Crew can work. However, they may work over the weekends or on special occasions.

  1. Reimbursement of food expenses

As a crew member you either get free food during travel or a food reimbursement. Airlines provide in-flight snacks as well as meals during the flight to their crew members. In addition, the crew members are reimbursed for outside food expenses when on duty. The employees are paid for these expenses up front or check their food receipts to pay them back. Crew members also have access to five star hotels and restaurants during their job. 

  1. Improving social skills by meeting new people

Another perk of being a crew member is meeting new people every day. Since flight attendants interact with the passengers on a daily basis, they get opportunities to talk to them, listen to their queries, and respond to them with the best, efficient solutions. As crew members have to handle passengers mid-air, they need to have great interpersonal skills and resolve conflicting situations while being assertive yet pleasant. 

  1. Airline ticket benefits for family and friends

Most of the time, flight benefits are also extended to crew members’ families. Many airlines allow parents and children of crew members to fly free or at discounted ticket prices. Typically, this benefit is for the spouse and is used for flying out of work. Flight attendants also receive a limited number of free passes per year which they can extend to family or friends. 

Frequently asked questions 

What motivates you to be a cabin crew?

Some of the reasons that people give to become cabin crew are pursuing their childhood dream to fly, enjoy working with new people and have new experiences every day, starting a new lifestyle with exciting opportunities coming their way, interested in travelling, interacting, and entertaining new people every day. 

What's the benefits of working for an airline?

Those working in an airline enjoy a number of benefits. One major advantage is getting free or discounted flight tickets, even for the crew member’s family. They also receive medical allowances and post-employment benefits. They also avail paid layovers including accommodation, conveyance, etc. 

What is the most important thing for cabin crew?

One of the most important cabin crew skills is customer service. Their entire job is based on making them safe and comfortable. They need to go beyond their efforts to make the passenger’s journey a memorable one. Listening to the passenger and responding to their requests in a timely manner ensures that flight operations run smoothly. Besides, a positive and friendly attitude, no matter what challenges may come, makes a journey smooth and efficient. 

What are 3 benefits of aviation?

Aviation industry in the world is expanding and governments today are prioritising air travel. The sector generates economic growth, facilitates tourism and international travel, and creates widespread jobs. These factors increase the national wealth of any country therefore; measures are taken to improve the aviation sector. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a cabin crew?

Here are few of the biggest pros and cons of becoming a cabin crew;


  • Opportunity to travel while getting paid for it

  • Get free or discounted airline tickets 

  • Worthwhile experiences and exciting, new adventures


  • Lack of sleep along with stress

  • Long, unsociable work hours

  • Less time for family and friends