By Andy Vevers 18 Jul 2023 5 min read

What it was like to be a Flight Attendant at Emirates

Recently, we spoke to Lisiane Spier Hahn, who is a former Flight Attendant at Emirates. She shares her story on how she got into aviation, the role she had and what she does in her current role.


Where did your aviation journey begin?

From a small town in southern Brazil, my journey toward becoming an international flight attendant has been filled with determination and a thirst for exploration. At the age of 18, I left the comfort of my home, driven by a desire to see more of the world. However, I soon realized that in order to fulfill my dreams, I needed to master the English language.

With my Bachelor's degree in Portuguese Language on the horizon, I decided to move to the United States. I enrolled in the au pair program to immerse myself in an English-speaking environment. In August 2018, while residing in New York, I attended an open-day recruitment event held by Emirates. Surrounded by more than 500 aspiring candidates, to my astonishment and delight, I was among the ten individuals selected for the final interview. The excitement was overwhelming, and I knew deep within that this was an opportunity I was dreaming of.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I did not pass the final interview. The news devastated me when I received the email in early September. Nevertheless, I persevered and told myself I would apply again, determined to succeed.



What was it like to work as a Flight Attendant at Emirates?

Fast forward to July 17th, 2019—the day that forever changed my life. I received the long-awaited golden call from Emirates. As I set foot in Dubai for the first time, the city's vibrant energy and the promise of new beginnings filled me with joy. From the training college to my accommodation, everything felt surreal. However, the most cherished memories were those I made with my batch mates. Together, we embarked on a journey that would shape us for the rest of our lives, and I will forever be grateful for the bonds we formed.

Working as an Emirates flight attendant allowed me to explore 55 countries, including places I never imagined visiting. The life of a flight attendant is a blend of adventure and hard work. With a different roster every month, I found myself visiting six continents within a single month. While the prospect of such travels is exciting, it can also be physically and mentally exhausting. The relentless jet lag often leaves little energy for layover exploration, and the demanding work hours during flights sometimes make it challenging to find time for even a proper meal.

Nevertheless, I managed to navigate this exhilarating yet demanding lifestyle by organizing and prioritizing my sleep. Regular exercise became primordial of my self-care routine, aiding me in maintaining balance. My passion for travel and the aviation industry has been the driving force behind my career.

Over the course of four years at Emirates, I have cultivated a deep understanding of customer experience, hospitality, and leadership. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and immersing myself in various cultures has been an enriching experience. Collaborating with a multinational team has taught me the value of effective teamwork in achieving organizational goals.


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What are you currently doing now?

Currently, in New York City, I am embarking on a new chapter in my career, committed to continuous learning and professional growth, I recently completed a Project Management course, and I am pursuing an MBA to facilitate my transition into the corporate world. I envision myself advancing my career and achieving new milestones in an environment where I can further develop my skills and make a meaningful impact within the industry.

In conclusion, my journey from a small town in Brazil to the bustling skies of the Emirates has been one of resilience and self-discovery. With each new destination and cultural encounter, my appreciation for the power of travel and the transformative nature of hospitality continues to increase. As I embark on the next phase, I am poised to make a lasting impact and shape the future of the aviation industry while nurturing the dreams of aspiring professionals.