By RoxanneB 09 Aug 2022 5 min read

What it’s like to be cabin crew with Norse Atlantic

Introducing Luckwa 

Luckwa Homchuen is a cabin crew member with Norse Atlantic, she kindly shares her journey to an aviation career, what it’s like at Norse Atlantic and 3 tips for aspiring aviation professionals. 


My journey to Cabin Crew 

My name is Luckwa and I have been in the aviation industry for 8 years, working both ground roles and cabin crew in short and long haul. 

I never really intended on becoming a cabin crew but the idea of the role always played in the back of my mind. When finishing high school, I needed to make a decision on my next steps.

Not knowing which career path I wanted to take or wanting to attend university, I knew I had a strong desire to travel and make the most of my young adult life learning and experiencing as much as I could. That's when I really looked into aviation.

I attended a cabin crew course in college and loved everything I learnt during this time. 

After graduation, I applied for customer service roles to build my confidence and communication skills. 


What it’s like at Norse Atlantic 

I have recently started with a brand new airline as cabin crew with Norse Atlantic Airways operating on the Boeing Dreamliner (The dreamiest plane in my opinion). 

Norse plans to operate low cost transatlantic flights between Europe and the US with plans to expand into other corners of the globe. Norse aims to be the explorer’s airline and I am extremely excited with what is on the horizon for Norse’s growth. 


The Cabin Crew process 

The cabin crew process is different with every airline but still quite similar. On the day there will be an introduction to the company. Here you can start to get a feel of whether you see yourself here. There will be group assessments.

It is important to be friendly and engage with every one as much as you can without taking over the conversation and interrupting others. Always listen and take part.

Be smiley!

If you are successful during the group assessment, there will be a 1-1 interview. As cliche as it sounds, BE YOURSELF!

They already know candidates will be nervous, but it's important to show your personality. Show them why you are a good fit for their culture. 


3 Tips you’d give you an aspiring aviation professional 

DO NOT GIVE UP! This may sound like a motivational speech but it stands true! Just because you are not successful on your first application or airline, does not mean you should give up on the career.

You may not be a good fit at that time for them but may be the perfect candidate for another. It’s easy to get discouraged but keep knocking on those doors until someone says YES. And it will happen! 

DEVELOP your skills and character. Always be growing and learning. Look for opportunities that challenge you. The more life experience you have, the better you will be at this job and handling all the situations it will throw at you.

Dealing with the general public is not always easy, so learning to communicate with different people is a big advantage. 

MAKE FRIENDS. a lot of them. Go out your way to talk to people. Reach out. Network. We see thousands of people and that one connection could change your whole path. Our passengers want to speak and interact with us more than you think.

Don’t be a robot in this job role by turning up to work and just doing what you’re paid to do. It’s a lifestyle and people are what makes this whole experience so fun!

Be open minded. We learn something from everyone we meet. Your energy is contagious, always be self aware of how you choose to show that!


Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash