By Jennifer Cairns 03 May 2023 5 min read

What does a Cabin Crew assessment day typically look like?

If you're looking to join an airline as cabin crew, be prepared to go through a rigorous selection process. The assessment day is the first stage of the selection process and is designed to help recruiters identify the best candidates for the job.

In the UK, airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, easyJet, Ryanair, and Flybe typically hold cabin crew assessment days throughout the year. In this article, we'll take a look at what a typical cabin crew assessment day entails.


Initial screening

Before you're invited to attend an assessment day, you'll need to submit an application and CV online. The airline will then screen your application to see if you meet their basic requirements. This may include a minimum age, height and educational qualifications.


Invitation to the assessment day

If your application meets the basic requirements, you'll be invited to attend the assessment day. You'll receive an email or a call from the airline, asking you to choose a date and location that's convenient for you.


Welcome and registration

On the day of the assessment, you'll be greeted by the airline's recruitment team. They'll give you a brief introduction and explain the assessment process. You'll then be asked to fill in some paperwork, including a medical questionnaire and a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check.


Group exercise

The first part of the assessment day usually involves a group exercise. You'll be given a scenario and asked to work together with a group of candidates to come up with a solution. The assessors will be observing your communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


English test

As a cabin crew member, you'll need to have good communication skills. Therefore, most airlines will ask you to take an English language test to assess your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


Role-play exercises

The next part of the assessment day usually involves role-play exercises. You'll be given a scenario, such as dealing with a difficult passenger, and asked to play the role of a cabin crew member. The assessors will be observing your customer service, communication, and problem-solving skills.



If you've made it this far, you'll be invited to attend an interview with the airline's recruitment team. They'll ask you a series of questions about your experience, skills, and motivation for becoming a cabin crew member. It's essential to prepare for this interview by researching the airline and practicing your answers to common interview questions.


Final decision

After the assessment day, the airline's recruitment team will review your performance and decide whether to offer you a place on their cabin crew training course. If you're successful, you'll receive an offer letter and details of the training course.


In summary, a cabin crew assessment day typically involves a group exercise, English test, role-play exercises, and an interview. The assessors will be looking for candidates who have excellent communication, teamwork, customer service, and problem-solving skills. It's essential to prepare for the assessment day by researching the airline, practicing your communication skills, and being ready to demonstrate your passion for the job.

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