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What are the requirements to become Cabin Crew with TUI?

Cabin crew are always at the forefront to receive customers and ensure to make their journey on board a safe and pleasant one. Pursuing your career as a cabin crew of an airline is an exciting yet demanding job. You not only travel to new destinations and meet new people, but you can also live a glamorous lifestyle – clean and tidy uniforms and well-maintained looks. Since every airline focuses on the comfort and safety of the passengers, recruitment of air cabin crew is a rigorous process. 

TUI is one of the established airlines in the aviation industry, known for offering some of the best holiday packages to its customers. It’s a sustainable airline with headquarters in England, with London Gatwick being the main base. Compared to the other industry veterans, it is a leisure airline offering more than 80 destinations for holidays. TUI Airways is known for hiring people-friendly personnel, so if you’re looking for a vacancy as a cabin crew, you’ll find a good work environment at TUI. 


Cabin crew requirements at TUI 


Though the whole recruitment process is a little nerve-wracking, the eligibility criteria vary from airline to airline. If you want to become a cabin crew at TUI Airways, you must meet the following requirements. 

  • Minimum age limit to join is 18

  • Proficient in written and spoken English

  • Attain an EASA medical certificate 

  • Able to swim at least 25meters

  • Hold a valid, 10-year UK passport without any restrictions on work (candidates must have a work visa)

  • Pass the intensive training of 4-6 weeks 

  • Provide employment referrals of the past 5 years

  • Obtain an overseas CRC and a UK DBS

  • Willing to work at a flexible hour schedule

  • Adhere to the airline guidelines and follow the regulations of CAA


Educational qualification of TUI cabin crew


A degree is not a prerequisite when applying for cabin crew jobs at TUI. However, you must have a minimum education of GSCEs with C grades or above. When applying for a cabin crew role, you must have English and Maths as compulsory subjects in GCSE. A college degree in hospitality or hotel management can be advantageous for the candidates to get through the selection process. Moreover, a diploma or an online certification like Diploma in Cabin Crew or Diploma in Air Hostess can help you develop a great understanding of your role in the industry. 

Having prior work experience is a bonus on the job. If you have previous work experience in customer relations or product management, it can help in your career progression. You can quickly move up the ladder to become chief flight attendant, managing the teams on the ground and on board. 


Some further requirements by TUI


Besides delivering great customer service, you need to ensure that the onboard journey of passengers is memorable. TUI Airways provides comprehensive training to the air cabin crew on first aid, safety, and other service procedures. There’s much more to being a cabin crew than merely serving food and beverages on the flight. You must also be an excellent team player as the whole team of cabin crew works together to bring out the best in the airline. The whole crew is briefed about their in-flight duties during the pre-flight meeting. Each one of the crew members has their own specific job role according to their experience and seniority level. 


What TUI expects from cabin crew


Those applying for a position as a cabin crew in TUI Airways must not only exhibit great customer service but also demonstrate great interpersonal skills. They must be able to stay calm under pressure and handle challenging passengers with tact and diplomacy. They must be motivated to learn and develop an understanding of their job role while focusing on the safety of the passengers. TUI requires candidates who have good situational awareness and are strong communicators to solve the problems of the passengers.

They must also be resilient in their work because being a cabin crew, every day is a new day where you’re flying to new destinations and meeting new customers. Since shift patterns vary in every airline, you need to be flexible in your working hours – come live within 90minutes of the scheduled base. TUI aims to provide job satisfaction to its employees so they can feel a sense of achievement while being part of the airline. 


Frequently asked questions 


What are the requirements for cabin crew?


Different airlines have different requirements for the recruitment of cabin crew. Since they have a lot of responsibilities besides serving food and beverages, they need to pass the eligibility criteria for the recruitment process. This includes:

  • Minimum age limit to be 18

  • 3GCSEs with C grade or above

  • Physical and mental fitness

  • Ability to swim at least 25meters

  • Proficiency in English

  • Exceptional communication skills


How long is the TUI interview?


TUI interview is part of the application process. Once you clear your written assessment, you’ll be shortlisted for the interview which lasts around 45minutes. This can be a nerve-wracking process that requires practice before being physically present for the interview so that you remain calm and focused. 


How do you get selected as an airline cabin crew?


To qualify for your role as a cabin crew, there are several stages of assessments and interviews after which you are finally selected. First, you have to submit an online application providing your personal and work information. Then comes an online assessment where you are tested on your abilities. If you pass the test, you are selected to participate in group activities. When you get through the group evaluation, you are called in for a physical interview and finally secure an offer if you get selected as a crew member. 


What is the training period for cabin crew?


Every new entrant has to go through the training program. The tenure of your training may range from six months to a year. After the training period, many airlines offer employment to trainees.