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What are the requirements to become Cabin Crew with BA?

If you are a people person and are passionate about exploring new destinations, becoming a cabin crew is an ideal job for you. Though the career is a demanding one, getting paid for networking and traveling the world is like a dream come true for many. From serving food and beverages to passengers to ensuring their safety throughout the flight, the air cabin crew has a lot of responsibilities and duties. 

Airlines all over the world require certain qualifications to recruit new cabin crew members. Therefore, to pursue your career as a cabin crew, you need to pass the eligibility criteria to get through the recruitment process. British Airways is one of the largest airlines that operates one of the most modern fleets in the world. In 2016, it was voted a favorite airline by the Travel Weekly Globe awards. 


Crew Base:


Cabin crew at British Airways is divided into three categories. 

  • Mixed fleet cabin crew – these include all the new entrants who work on both long haul and short haul flights departing from London Heathrow Airport. Since their work conditions and salary packages are different, they do not work alongside other crew categories.

  • Gatwick Fleet – these crew members also work long haul and short haul flights departing from Gatwick Airport 

  • BA CityFlyer – as the name suggests, they work only on short-haul flights, departing to European destinations. 


Cabin crew requirements:


There is a specific requirement criteria to apply as a cabin crew in British Airways. 

  • Minimum age limit to apply is 18 or above

  • Height between 5’2 and 6’1. 

  • A valid passport without any restrictions to work and live in the UK. No restrictions to traveling globally

  • Easily acquire a US visa

  • Minimum qualification to be at least 3 GCSEs passed with grade C or above or anything equivalent (Maths and English as compulsory subjects)

  • Must be proficient in English, both written and spoken

  • Ability to swim 50 meters 

  • Deliver excellent customer care

  • Record check

  • Attain an airside pass

  • Be flexible in your work schedule. Cabin crew have to work shifts that often cover more than 24 hours

  • Provide necessary referrals for the past five years with no criminal record

  • Perform stand-by duties at the airport base

  • Must be medically fit with no mental limitations 


Educational and work requirements:


With the minimum educational qualification being GCSEs, British Airways requires the candidates to be apt in English, Maths, and Digital skills. A degree is not a prerequisite, yet holding a degree in hotel management or the aviation industry is very advantageous for applicants pursuing their career as cabin crew. An online diploma, a college course, or a certification can also help you successfully get through the selection process. Moreover, courses or diplomas can help develop your understanding of the job role and will exhibit your keen interest in the airline. For those working on a long-haul, international flight, knowing two, or three different languages is a bonus. 

British Airways also offer apprenticeship schemes to make way for new entrants into the aviation industry. This includes a 12-month intensive training after which successful candidates are offered employment at British Airways.

The crew is trained at the Global Learning Academy which is the airline’s training center. The program is helpful even for candidates with no prior experience as a cabin crew. If you have any work experience in customer relations or product management, this can also help you land a job as a cabin crew in British Airways. There are also chances of quick promotion due to prior experience in the related field or advanced educational qualification. 


Job specifications:


British Airways provides a pre-flight briefing to their air cabin crew where they are assigned different job positions and duties for the upcoming flight. They are notified about their schedule and flight details beforehand. Moreover, the senior flight attendant will advise the crew if any passenger has special requirements, for example, special meal requests, VIPs, or wheelchairs. 

There are also some pre-flight duties performed by the cabin crew, including;

  • Ensure that the aircraft is tidy and clean

  • Check the safety equipment

  • Ensure that refreshments are kept on board

  • First aid equipment is in check

  • Check that landing cards are provided

When you finally get selected to become a cabin crew, British Airways will do pre-employment checks on your profile. These include checking your financial probity or criminal record. The airline itself assesses your physical and medical fitness before you are called to enroll in the training program organised by the airline. 


Frequently asked questions 


How long is British Airways cabin crew training?


Once you join as a cabin crew member, the airline will enroll you into their Cabin Crew New Entrant Training program. The training continues for around 4 to 6 weeks and you’ll study for Cabin Crew Attestation. It includes all the general safety procedures along with the theory. When you get your CCA, you are ready for your role as air cabin crew of BA. The CCA will have to be revalidated every 5 years. 


What are the requirements for cabin crew?


Though different airlines have different eligibility criteria for air cabin crew, there are some general requirements for the recruitment process. These include:

  • Minimum age for applicants to be 18 or 21 (for some airlines)

  • Valid passport without any travel restrictions

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Ability to swim 25meters

  • Educational qualification is at least GCSE with English and Maths as compulsory subjects


Is BA cabin crew training paid?


During their initial training, cabin crew members at British Airways receive only basic pay which is around £13,079 per annum for the new entrants. No perks are offered to the trainees. Once their probationary period is over, their pay increases to around £15,000 per year. 


Is cabin crew a permanent job?


Employment opportunities for air cabin crew all over the world are either contractual or permanent. This depends on the airline policy and performance of the employee as well as the requirements of the airline. Whatever the terms and conditions are, the employees must adhere to them. However, many people don’t consider cabin crew as a long-term job.