By DebbieH 01 Mar 2021 5 min read

What happens at a Cabin Crew assessment day?


If you’ve completed the initial application and psychometric testing stage successfully, you should receive an invitation to an assessment day.

Some airlines will incorporate the psychometric tests into the assessment day – don’t worry though, you’ll receive full information on what is happening and when, so you can prepare accordingly.

In this blog, our industry partner, Cabin Crew Wings, share their thoughts on what happens at an assessment day, and what you will be expected to do.


What is Involved in the Assessment Day?

Assessment days can vary from airline to airline, but you can expect the day to have the following format:

  • Registration/document checks
  • Introductory presentation for candidates
  • Height and reach checks
  • Tattoo checks
  • Group exercises
  • Interviews

There are usually cuts throughout the day, with only the most promising candidates staying until the end.

If you’ve performed well, some airlines will interview you on the same day. Other airlines may invite you to come back for an interview on another date.

There may also be a slot for English language competency assessments for non-native speakers – again this will depend on the airline.


The Presentation

The presentation will involve an overview of the airline and a description of the role. Try to make eye contact with the speakers, and interact when possible.

You and your fellow candidates will then get the chance to ask any questions which you might have. The recruitment team could also ask the audience questions too – so be prepared.

The question and answer section is where your research about the airline could really pay off – you’ll certainly stand out to the recruiters if you can show that you’ve done your homework!


The Checks

You’ll be expected to pass the height and reach, and tattoo checks. The airline will clearly state their requirements in the job description and in the recruitment information.

Your height and reach will be measured to ensure you meet the requirements of the airline you’re applying to. If you don’t meet the requirements, you’ll be asked to leave the process at this point.

There will also be a tattoo check; while you are allowed to have tattoos, they must not be visible while you are in uniform.


The Group Exercises

The number of exercises you will have to take part in can vary between airlines, but you can expect there to be roughly 2-3.

Usually one will be an ‘icebreaker’ exercise to get things moving, while the others may take the form of a role-play exercise or group discussion.

It’s important that you take part, but not be overpowering. Let the others in the group have their say, and respect that there may be differences of opinion.

There are various resources you can take a look at online which will give you examples of questions to practice with. You can also buy workbooks specifically designed to help you prepare for the assessment day.


Assessment Day Tips

  • Make sure that you have all your documents to hand (and that they’re up to date) You’ll be given a list of what to bring to the interview
  • If you have any certificates from cabin crew courses, bring these along too
  • Be punctual, polite and smile! This could be their first impression of you!
  • Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get ready
  • Plan your journey beforehand so there are no last minute hiccups
  • Dress to impress in formal business attire