By Beth 07 Nov 2022 7 min read

How I became Cabin Manager at Flybe

We recently caught up with Jeffrey Finikin, a 32-year-old Cabin Manager at Flybe. Jeffrey tells us why he joined the aviation industry, the favorite location he has visited, and advice for aspiring Cabin Crew professionals.

What made you want to join the aviation industry as a Cabin Crew? 

I have always had a keen interest in the aviation industry from a young age, and knew I wanted to be part of it in some shape or form. As a child, I loved traveling and was very fortunate my parents took my family on holidays that required traveling by airplane. I loved the whole idea of flying and was fascinated by planes. My dad used to take me to the viewing gallery at our local airport just so I could watch the planes coming and going!  I have always worked in customer service-facing roles and I was encouraged by cabin crew who worked for a charter airline to apply. I never thought I’d get the job but, I did and that was the start of my career in aviation.


What steps did you take to become Cabin Manager? What did this progression look like for you?

Whilst working for a previous airline I was able to work in lead positions in different cabins which afforded me the opportunity to adapt my skills on-board and become a better leader. I always pushed and challenged myself to do more, which in turn helped me build greater confidence. I found myself becoming a mentor to the new entrants and helped develop their confidence during flights.  I made sure that I was organised, able to communicate effectively and able to manage difficult situations if and when they arose. Without doubt, these opportunities helped me develop and blossom into the Cabin Manager that I am today.

I was very fortunate to be interviewed for the role of Cabin Manager (my current position), this was a difficult interview process as there was so much competition and a lot of responsibility placed on the Cabin Manager. This is something that I gave a lot of planning and preparation to as I wanted to make sure I was well prepared for the interview stages. Having been successful I feel and felt very proud. My dreams had come true!


What advice would you give to Cabin Crew who want to progress in their career? 

The best advice I could give to cabin crew who wish to progress would be, push yourself! Develop your confidence and believe that you can do it. Get out of your comfort zone, if there is a role on-board that you haven’t tried before - do it, who knows you might love it and excel in that position.  


What is the favorite destination you have visited as Cabin Crew? 

My favourite destination has to be Cape Town, South Africa.  It is such a beautiful place to visit with so much to see and do!  My favourite highlight was climbing Table Mountain not long after arriving post working the flight, an experience that I will never forget. The views from the top are amazing.  The beaches are beautiful as well as the food and wine that is on offer.  A must for anyone looking somewhere different to explore!


What is your favorite memory from your Cabin Crew career so far? 

This a question a lot of people ask and it’s so difficult to pick one!  My favorite has to be spending New Year’s eve in Seattle. There was excitement and energy the moment we started the pre-flight briefing. On the contrary, this can be difficult for many crew as we are away from family and friends at such significant times. The crew, however, really bonded together and made the entire trip very special, it was just like being with our own family celebrating the old and bringing in the new year!  


What advice would you give to aspiring Cabin Crew?

Believe in yourself and have the confidence to apply, you won’t know until you take the leap. Once you are part of the aviation community then you will never want to leave it!