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How I became Cabin Crew with Norse Atlantic

We recently spoke with Amy Kershaw, a 28-year-old Flight Attendant for Norse Atlantic. Amy tells us the career path she took to join the aviation industry, the favorite destination she has visited, and advice she would give to aspiring Cabin Crew.


When did your Cabin Crew career start? 

My Cabin Crew career started in October 2016, I was coming to the end of my degree and wasn’t sure at all what I wanted to do. I was studying Criminology at university but had no idea what I wanted to go into. So, I was browsing Indeed late one night when I saw that Norwegian Long Haul were hiring for their Gatwick base. Having always been in love with the idea of being a flight attendant I applied immediately. “I’ll just do it for a year” I thought to myself. I never dreamed it was something I would actually end up doing for life but now I can’t imagine anything else!  



What career path did you take to become Cabin Crew with Norse Atlantic? 

My journey to Norse Atlantic has been an interesting one! After applying to Norwegian Long Haul I was accepted and was offered a training date in May 2017. I had to take all of my university exams in January and get special permission to leave university early as I wasn’t due to finish until July. Thankfully this was granted and I was able to begin my training. I flew for Norwegian for 4 years until they unfortunately discontinued their Long-Haul operation in the pandemic. I was heartbroken. 

I began working in Justice and Immigration finally making use of my degree during the pandemic. It was an extremely challenging environment and taught me a lot about myself. I became a lot more resilient and confident in myself. I also decided it was time for me to be true to myself and get tattoos. I had always wanted them but working in aviation meant I was unable to. Although the adjustment was hard I eventually settled into the routine of working full time hours and always being in one place. I couldn’t help but miss flying and feel a twinge of sadness every time I looked up and saw a plane. 

In March 2022 I got an email I never thought I would get. “Norse Atlantic are hiring would you like to apply?” My heart jumped at the chance. I thought my aviation career was over and I had settled into this routine career path going home every night and working 40-hour weeks. Suddenly this opportunity was ahead of me and it was all I could think about! 

I sent in my 60 second video and did the preliminary testing and then had a nervous wait to see if I would be accepted. Many questions went through my head “would they like me?” “Am I good enough?” “Will I fit back into the lifestyle?” A few days later I was offered an interview date on my 28th birthday, I couldn’t help but see it as a sign! The assessment day was fun, friendly and so welcoming, it felt like coming home! A few days later I was offered a position which I of-course accepted. I had to go through a two-week conversion course and before I knew it I was back in the air. It’s true what they say you know “For most people the sky is the limit. For flight attendants the sky is home.”


Is being Cabin Crew how you expected it to be? Is there anything that shocked you about the job? 

The only thing that shocked me is how much I love it! Even though I had always been fascinated by the job I never thought I would be able to do it. It’s such a unique lifestyle and unlike any other career. Your family won’t always get it, your friends won’t always get it but it’s the best life in the world. I’m also extremely lucky to be in a company who value inclusivity so much! It is one of Norse Atlantic’s core values and means that I am able to go to work without ever worrying about covering up my tattoos which is something that is so unexpected and refreshing! 


What would you say are some of the perks of being Cabin Crew?

Oh, so many! Meeting new people from all over the world, no two days are the same, seeing amazing destinations most people only dream of! One of the biggest perks for me is the fact that every day is a new challenge. I don’t think I would enjoy being in an office very much as it gets very tiring very fast and love being on the move! 



What does being Cabin Crew mean to you?

Being Cabin Crew means so many things: It means meeting your crew in the morning as strangers and being best friends by the end of the night. It means having breakfast in Paris and going for drinks watching the New York Skyline that night. It spending Christmas Day in Brazil and New Year’s Eve in Thailand. 

Being Cabin Crew means belonging to a very unique family of people. You’re always on the go, never know what time zone you are in and communicate in a series of phrases that nobody else ever seems to understand. I’ve made some of the best friends for life in this job and it genuinely is the greatest career in the world. 


Do you have a favourite destination you have visited as Cabin Crew?

My favourite crew destination would probably have to be Singapore! Layovers there are so fun, there is so much to explore and do. The country is so clean and beautiful and there is the most amazing food literally everywhere you go! 


What would be your top piece of advice for someone who wants to join the aviation industry as Cabin Crew? 

My top piece of advice for someone looking to become Cabin Crew is to find a company you truly feel passionate about and apply! The world is wide and life is short, it’s not meant to be lived in one place! 

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