By RoxanneB 20 Dec 2021 2 min read

How I became cabin crew: the process

Introducing Cristina 

Cristina Tung spent 7 years as cabin crew and 13 years within the aviation industry, Cristina kindly gave an insight into what the process of becoming cabin crew entailed, and key advice for aspiring aviation professionals. 


Why did you want to become Cabin Crew?

Well, I didn't want to end up stuck behind a desk Monday to Friday, and I had always wanted to travel so becoming cabin crew seemed like a good career choice, and it has been!


What was the application process like?

Although it can be different in every airline, the process is usually split over 2 days, the first one involves an introduction to the company, physical tests, language tests, several group assessments, and maybe a short interview.

If you go through the first stage, then you are invited to a second day for a more in-depth interview. Taking around a week to hear back during the process.

After passing the interview, I was sent for cabin crew training, the duration varies from airline to airline, so overall a couple of months from passing the interview until my first flight.


What was your first flight experience like?

That was a long time ago, it was a London-Newcastle and back on an ATR-42, a short flight, I didn't have much time to be nervous or anything, the flight went fine, and the other crew was brilliant!


Who was/is your role model?

Many people, I started my career as ground crew at the airport, so I had colleagues already working as cabin crew and they encouraged me to try and join them.


What is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part is getting to travel and see different places. The worst part would be having to work during the holidays.


What kind of characteristics do you need?

I would say you need to have a lot of patience, organisational skills, and be able to work in a multicultural team.


How long does it take to get ready in your uniform?

About 30 minutes.


What advice would you to aspiring aviation professionals?

Prepare for the interview thoroughly, get all the information you can about the company beforehand, and if you are not successful the first time, keep trying, tons of people apply and it's always been difficult to get a cabin crew position, so don't lose heart!


Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash