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My Journey to becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

I am Aliasger Harneswala, and I would like to tell you a little bit about how my journey into aviation is going on. Currently I am a fresher looking out for an opportunity of experience.


Give us an introduction to the aviation sector that you work in?

For the people out there, who are not aware of who an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) is or what they do, they are the ones that help keep the Aircraft in an Airworthy state. Now, for the people that are aware, the journey of an AMT or an AME is definitely not an easy one. Aviation is not only just a field that requires a high investment but also a field really safety specific, that adheres to safety rules to the letter.

I completed college in India and received training while in college on business jets, such as the Hawker, Cessna, Falcon, etc. For people like me who are freshly graduated individuals, the struggle is immense, but the outcome of success is certain for those who are able to strive till the end of the line.


What was it like as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician Student?

During my time as a college student, the amount of theoretical involvement in aviation was quite a lot. Something all Aircraft Maintenance Personnel would relate to is the clearing of exams (modules). That is something of top priority, the faster you clear more papers, the faster one gets a licence and goes up the ladder of Aviation. The regulations may differ from region to region, but the stress remains the same. We have to make ends meet, for keeping up with our college exams as well as the modular exams and many other things that are involved.

During our practical sessions in the MRO, we were involved with multiple activities, such as inspections, repair, troubleshooting and last but not least; Safety. During the beginning of our first visit, we were specifically asked to ‘NOT EVEN TOUCH’ the Aircraft. It is very necessary to understand why this was the case.

Being newborns into the field, we didn’t know our way around, or rather the value of the field. We were just excited to be around the aircraft. So, our supervisors had to be extra precautious and safe with us around the Aircrafts. Over time, we realised the importance and the necessary precautions to be taken when around the Aircraft, this made our supervisors become more reliant on us and providing us with hands-on experience on the Aircrafts. This short journey of ours was quite endearing and knowledgeable.


How did you find your time as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician Student?

In college, our batch was the first to enter the new regulations, so we had a lot of great experiences. Our visits to the airport for the practical experience was one of the best things that allowed us to easily understand the theoretical concept taught to us in our lectures. We also had an advantage over our seniors of having practical experience along with our theoretical classes. Alongside this, our course was condensed down to 2 years from 3, so we would pass out of college along with our seniors making companies prefer us over them.


Of course, everything is not black and white. Due to this new move, we did face some issues which we had to deal with. The new curriculum was hazy on how to make students complete a 3-year course in 2 years and add a Bachelor’s Degree along with it. This is where the passion of excelling in the field came in, where even though we faced such issues, we still managed to complete and ace the full course and we were said to be one of the most versatile batches to ever pass out.

After passing out, I did get an offer to work for an Aviation software solutions company, where I gained experience of the field from the back seat, being able to get an overview of the technical officers, the Customer support, the AME work nature and how a company functions. Keeping my passion of Aviation still ablaze, now I am looking out for an opportunity to excel, become better in the field and learn more. 


What things have you noticed within your industry sector whilst in full time work?

One thing that I have noticed for certain, after speaking with one too many individuals of my field is that landing a high paying job is imminent, provided one sticks to the field and is able to go through the rough couple of years of hard work, stress, struggle and tension. Now I am a fresher, just like the some out there, but I strongly believe in this. Everyone who I have spoken to mentions the graph of the field for AME is always a slow start but after a point, the success starts peaking up till where the Sky is the limit.



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Hopefully, I get a chance to speak about my success one day to the rest of the world and enlighten and help other Aviation enthusiasts to pursue Aviation.