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Huge growth in aviation jobs expected

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published the results of a global survey of Human Resources professionals in the aviation industry, highlighting key issues with talent acquisition, training and staff retention. Included in the survey were a number of airlines, airports and ground service providers, spanning a wide range of geographic locations and organisations.

From the survey respondents, over 73% expect there to be major areas of growth in customer service, cabin crew and ground operations jobs. They also found that just under half of the people claimed that finding talented candidates was a challenge due to the skills and qualifications required, and the salary expected by suitably qualified candidates.   

When asked what gave an employee job satisfaction, the HR professionals cited that a salary and benefits package, career progression opportunities and development and training were high priorities.  

Just 28% of respondents claimed that their current employers training was effective, with many organisations utilising external sources to enhance their in-house training methods.

More than 75% of respondents expected to see a rise in customers service jobs, despite the rise in technology which is set to change the face of the customer service experience. It’s furthermore expected that there will be a 65% rise in security jobs and a 63% rise in regulatory positions.

Numerous airlines contributed to the research, including the Qatar Airways Group, whose Vice President of Talent Development, Brendan Noonan said, “As an airline, we need to find out where the new touchpoints are that we can bring in customer service to support and complement technology to make the overall customer experience quicker and more enjoyable. There is an expectation from customers and we have to meet that.”



“There is an expectation from our customers and we have to meet that.”

Guy Brazeau, IATA’s Director of Training and Consulting, said,”It is an exciting time to be in this business. We were really looking forward to receiving the results of this industry survey and we hope it can be helpful to guide HR professionals in their decisions regarding staffing planning, training opportunities and areas to focus on as our industry grows to unprecedented levels.”

The expected growth in passenger traffic has contributed to to the anticipated rise in jobs, and everyone within the industry is carefully planning their staffing levels in accordance with the forecasted changes.



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