By DebbieH 07 Sep 2018 6 min read

British Airways apologises for data breach

It has been revealed that a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack” on the British Airways website has left 380,000 passengers personal and financial details at risk. The breach took place between 21st August and 5th September, yet it wasn’t revealed to the public until the following day, after it was spotted.

Hackers are believed to have accessed names, addresses and credit card information, including the expiry date and the last 3 digit security (CVC) code on the reverse of the card. British Airways insist that security codes aren’t stored, and are investigating as to whether the data was intercepted, rather than being harvested from the database.

The chief executive of our national carrier British Airways, Alex Cruz has apologised for what he describes as ‘a very sophisticated breach of the firm’s security systems.’ He said, “We’re extremely sorry. I know that it is causing concern to some of our customers, particularly those customers that made transactions over and app.”

“The moment that actual customer data had been compromised, that’s when we began immediate communication to our customers.”

British Airways have contacted all passengers who have been affected by the breach, and have publicly apologised in today’s national newspapers for the incident. Cruz said, “At the moment, our number one purpose is contacting those customers that made those transactions to make sure they contact their credit card bank providers so they can follow their instructions on how to manage that breach of data.”


Have you been affected?

If you believe you have been affected by the breach, advisors suggest you should change your online passwords immediately, and beware of any emails or calls you may receive as it could be a crook posing as the police, your bank or British Airways. If you suffer any financial loss or hardship, British Airways have pledged to compensate its passengers.

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