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Aircraft Sheet metal worker Qualitair Malta, Europe (non-UK)
Sheet Metal Worker - Enhanced Rates TARCG, The Aviation Recruitment & Consulting Group. Norwich, Norfolk, East
Sheet Metal Worker - Rotary Excel Technical Consulting Europe (non-UK)

Frequently asked questions

Sheet metal workers are the aircraft technicians who are in charge of installing and, in some cases, producing thin metal sheets which are later used in the production of aircraft. They are responsible for attaching metal seams, welding, bolting, establishing supportive frames, taking measurements, and moving stuff around daily.

Sheet metal workers must have excellent hand-eye coordination to produce precise cuts and bends in metal parts. They do their work with saws, lasers, shears, and presses. As a result, they should be mechanically inclined in order to assist in the operation and maintenance of equipment. Search for the latest Sheet Metal Worker vacancies at Aviation Job Search.

The primary requirement for the employers is that the candidate should have GCSE's (A*-C) in English, maths and a science subject. The diplomas in Engineering, Construction and Product Design can be really helpful for gaining entry in aviation sheet metal jobs. An Advanced Apprentice can equip the aspirants with necessary skills and technical knowledge.

The sheet metal workers may work inside, outside or even on the construction site of an aerospace company. In some cases, you may have to work independently, but collaboration with other aircraft technicians and engineers is a must. Strong physicality is a primary requirement because the work involves lifting heavy materials and machinery.

Most of the aircraft sheet metal workers learn technical skills through four or five-year apprenticeships. These apprenticeships include paid on-the-job training as well as associated technical instruction. During the time, the candidates also study the fundamentals of construction, such as blueprint reading, algebra, building code requirements, safety and first aid procedures.


Sheet Metal Worker Job Description

Sheet metal workers fabricate, assemble, repair and even modify the metal parts of an aircraft. Some work with other materials, such as fibreglass or bonded honeycomb. The sheet metal worker job description includes creating plans based on the engineer's blueprints, then assembling and installing components to the aircraft. The duties revolve around sizing and cutting the metal parts. These technicians perform routine inspections on the plane and troubleshoot issues to discover problems in the aircraft frame and components. Once the necessary repairs are done, they must clean and maintain the equipment.

Sheet Metal Worker Job Responsibilities

Their job responsibilities include installing, repairing, inspection, and replacing sheet metal components, including structural assemblies and subassemblies, on aircraft. The sheet metal workers must analyze and comprehend aircraft drawings, specifications, and maintenance manuals in order to perform repairs. The candidates are also responsible for carrying out maintenance tasks and making replacement parts. Sheet Metal Worker must also ensure that all repairs meet aviation safety guidelines and safely operate various sheet metal tools. They purchase supplies, equipment, materials, and parts for repairs and general upkeep and maintain thorough records of inspections, maintenance, repairs, and parts inventories.

Skills Required for Building Sheet Metal Worker Career

They must have computer skills for creating sheet metal design and cutting through computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) applications and building information modelling (BIM) systems. They possess customer service expertise and give justification to the aerospace clients on the aircraft’s design. They must be professional and polite with an element of dexterity which is a core requirement. They have the hand-eye coordination to cut and bend metal parts. Employers expect them to have strong mechanical abilities to operate and maintain equipment. To look for Sheet Metal Worker vacancies, check out Aviation Job Search.