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Showing 5 jobs in Norway
Showing 5 jobs in Norway

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Frequently asked questions

The basic requirements for becoming a pilot in Norway are having an ATPL licence for the respective country, a Class 1 Medical Certificate, 4000 hours of total flying time and ICAO English language proficiency of level 5 or above. The candidates must not have criminal and accident records and ought to have the ability to read and write English/Norwegian language. 

The basic salary for different pilot jobs in Norway varies based on the kind of role, job responsibilities, employer, experience/expertise required, and other factors. Overall, the captains, first officers and other pilots working in Norway are offered good salaries and benefits that include paid annual holidays, flexible schedules, healthcare plans, generous leave entitlements for new parents, and more. 

Working as a pilot in Norway can turn out to be a brilliant career choice for professionals who are attracted to good salaries, safe and family-friendly living conditions, scenic beauty and excellent education and healthcare amenities. Most pilot jobs in Norway are quite promising and come with professional development opportunities and other perks. 

To apply for helicopter pilot jobs in Norway, the interested candidates need to fulfil the licence, flying hours and skill requirements defined by an employer. Applicants with previous experience working as helicopter pilots have a better chance of landing a job. Use Aviation Job Search for exploring the different pilot vacancies by top airlines in your desired location!

Based on the stats and research, the demand for pilots is likely to significantly increase in the next decade or so. With the booming air transport sector, international trade and aviation industry in many countries, the need for different kinds of pilots will definitely increase so becoming a pilot is going to be a lucrative career path. 


The Kind of Pilot Jobs in Norway 

The most sought-after pilot positions in Norway are captains and first officers. The qualification requirements for captain jobs in Norway are B737 Type Rating, English language proficiency, EASA ATPL or Frozen ATPL and EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate. Employers prefer candidates who have creativity and the ability to embrace technology and venture into something new and exciting for this role. To apply for non-type rated first officer positions, the applicants need to have a minimum of 500 hours of experience in multi-crew aircraft, an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence, EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate and the authorisation to work in the EU. 

The Potential of Pilot Jobs in Norway 

Norway ranks among the nicest Scandinavian countries to live and work in because of its scenic beauty, booming economy, less population, low crime rates, excellent education and healthcare amenities and plenty of job opportunities. The pilot jobs in Norway are promising and the benefits are generous which include yearly leave entitlements, annual pay raises, health insurance and free flights. Some airlines offer free accommodation, transportation, food/hotel discounts, coverage of visa costs and job-related expenses and performance-based bonuses and incentives to their employees. The perks and rewards offered to different pilots can differ depending on their seniority and the airline or other employer. 

Tips on Building Pilot Careers in Norway 

Being energetic and customer-oriented will aid in building successful pilot careers. To work as a pilot in Norway, it is important to understand the requirements for different positions to ensure all the proper documents are provided within the application. Having emotional intelligence is beneficial for the pilots to empathise with their fellow pilots, crew members and passengers and communicate in a more effective manner. Getting acquainted with an airline’s punctuality, safety and other rules will help perform the duties efficiently. Do you want to enhance your chances of getting hired? Sign in to Aviation Job Search for getting job alerts relevant to your preferences!